Dmitry's Closet ~ An Excellent Love Story Mixed with Action Packed Suspense

4.5 - This is easily a 5 star story. Ms. Nelson weaves a wonderful love story mixed with action packed suspense and some welcoming surprises along the way.

Royal Stone is tired of job hunting on a hot Memphis day. As she steps into a little restaurant unknown to her called Mother Russia, she has no idea how much her life will change. She comes upon a handsome Russian in an expensive suit playing the violin. Right away, she is entranced by his music and him. He offers her food and some refreshments and soon he's offering her a job for her new boutique opening up called Dmitry's Closet. Complete with room and board, Royal can't resist the invitation. She's lived a life from one foster home to another, never really settling anywhere. She takes up the job and soon enters a lavish lifestyle led by the charming, handsome and enchanting Dmitry.

I loved this book. I really liked the fact that even though Dmitry's profession and lifestyle is revealed in the blurb, the story takes its time to reveal it slowly. First we see him as a person, then we see how he treats those around him before the truth about how makes his money is revealed. I love antiheroes especially when they're written with such complexity like Dmitry. I don't think I've read such a compelling character this year since Jon F. Merz's Parallax which features two deadly yet sympathetic assassins in the lead. Kudos to Ms. Nelson for writing such a wonderful love story with a side of action and suspense. It's one of my favorite genres to read and she did it awesomely. I also loved the fact that she handled the love scenes so sensuously. Often IR books nowadays get so crude and short on the emotion that there's no time to really connect with the character but Dmitry's Closet allows you to really feel for both Dmitry and Royal and understand how they see each other through one another's eyes.

As I said, this is clearly a five star story but I give it 4.5 starts due to some grammatical, homonym and spelling errors that interrupted the flow of the story at some points.

Other than that, the story was excellent, the characters were engaging and I'm jazzed to add this to my keeper shelf. I look forward to more works by Ms. Nelson if this is what we have to look for in the future!

This is definitely going on my best of 2010 reads list.