Dusting off the 'ole webs!


Finally have a moment to update and post.  Dusting off the ole cobwebs here...

Just a few quick updates. Feb newsletter should be going out. There's a new author spotlight coming up that you urban fantasy fans out there would love to check out. Due to some reader requests, I'm going to be making some autographed copies of A Kiss of Ashen Twilight available on my website, direct for purchase. There will also be some for giveaways since I finally got a shipment in (woo hoo!).

I'm diving back into reading to keep me sane in between working. I also still have a short story or two to finish before I start on the historical project. I'm not sure if it'll be strictly YA but since the protagonist is a young girl in the 1700s, it may apply. Hopefully, it'll be a nice crossover for both adults and younger ones. ;-)

Stay tuned!