Bookstores and Book Placement ~ Some Nice Primers

2 articles (plus an older one) on bookstores have recently come to my attention and I thought it'd be good to catalog them.

Most readers don't know that books in bookstores are meticulously placed either by real estate bought up by the NY publishers or by certain distribution deals made between publishers, distributors and bookstores. As with any business, there's a lot of things going on in book land and most of it depends on who you know and what you do to get your book placed in certain places. It's all interesting reading if you're into book trends and the current state of the publishing industry.

For further reading, check out:

Richard Curtis' Incentives? Or Shmears? A Window into Bookselling's Heart of Darkness

Blogging in Black's Getting Your Book on the Shelves

 Here's a somewhat older article on bookstore placement over at Fast Company

Bookstore Baksheesh: The Real Estate Deals That Sell Books

Interesting reading for the aspiring author looking to learn more about the business.