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Rae's Fav Reads of 2009

Looking back at 2009, I came across some great reads. I got to know a few new authors and their works and there were some great debuts as well.

Here is my 2009 list of fave reads. Some haven't quite been published this year but most of them have just to keep it consistent. Feel free to click on my Goodreads link for the full review. Do check out some these books and authors if you haven't already!

Life's Breath by Nancy Wald

This was my first favorite of 2009. A fantasy romance with wonderful world building delightful humor and an awesome romance. I loved the world that Ms. Wald created here and much of what this made this enjoyable makes fantasy romance a definite favorite in my genres to read.

Rae's Goodreads review

The Vampire's Quest by Vivi Anna

The Valorian Chronicles is one of my favorite paranormal romances. I was surprised this series came out Harlequin, much less it's category paranormal romance line, because the story has more bite than the usual romances.…

Rae's Fave Movies of 2009.

2009 was a pretty wild year that none of us will soon forget, I'm sure. Although the movies as a whole weren't anything to squawk about, there were some gems that slipped under the surface and some that have been hyped all year. One trend I did notice is we had some pretty amazing stuff coming out from debut directors. Not only original in story but arresting in delivery and visuals.

Here are my faves in no particular order.


Franklyn never received a theatrical release on this side of the pond and it's a shame. This debut film from director Gerald McMorrow is an exercise in twisted genre mind jab fun. It's a dystopia wrapped in contemporary times all around a trio of lost souls. Ryan Phillipe stars in a pretty interesting role as a self appointed avenger, or so he thinks. There's an interesting line in the trailer from Sam Riley who describes a world where the person dictating the narrative believes his world is something completely different from the reality…

2009 Author Spotlights

Hey folks!

Another year has passed and before the new year is upon us, I thought I'd start posting my overview for all the authors I've spotlighted here at A Writer's Dream. Some have new works coming soon and some are still making waves with their current releases. If you missed them the first time, here's a quick rundown!

Here's to 2010 author spotlights and many success to all the authors out there!

January - Tamara Angela Grant

Current Release
Tamara Grant Links

Tamara Grant's Website

Myspace Page

Peace in the Storm Publishing

Tamara Grant's Blog

February - Shelia Goss

Current Release

Shelia Goss Links

Shelia's Website

Young Adult Books website:

March - Debra Parmley

Current Release

Debra Parmley Links

Debra's Website

Make Believe Mondays

What? Another Interview? Why Yes, With CTR This Time. :-)

Lototy of Coffee Time Romance interviewed me recently and I got to chat about my current 'Ashen Twilight' series.

Feel free to drop by and take a read if you like. This was a pretty fun interview. :-)

This month's newsletter should go out soon. I skipped November because I was offline most of the time and didn't have enough time to get back on track before the month was over. Don't worry I have lots of news and goodies to share plus a new book giveaway. So feel free to sign up before the new issue goes out!