Massive linkage update and a return!

Woo hoo.

My net is back and roaring. I think it'll be more stabilized now if my ISP company is nice.

Well, hope everyone is well. It's been two weeks since I've been in the waters but it seems like a lifetime. Anything change much out there? Flying cars? Any Trekkie like food replicators on the market?

Lots of news have happened and I came in time for a biggie!

By now you've probably heard of the big massive hoopla that is Harlequin Horizons, Harlequin's (yes, the big romance giant pub honcho) new "publishing venture".

If you're looking for a simple run down, there's an excellent article on the Examiner by Pat Hauldren entitled Harlequin Regress to Vanity Press that is great for a quick primer on the situation. Another good Examiner article is by Holly Christine entitled Authors Arguing: The Harlequin Debate.

For a list of linkies around the web, check out author Angela Korra'ti's blog. She also links to John Scalzi's blog overview and commentary of the situation. Or if you're looking for a lighthearted version, check out the page over at LJ's fanwank section. The Smart B's have a wonderful back and forth dialogue going on at their announcement post which is hitting over 700 posts. Yikes! I watched that thing grow from under 100 to over 500 in just a day or so. The news is a hot one.

PR/UF author Jackie Kessler (who has an awesome superhero series coming up soon) breaks it down bit by bit for those wondering what exactly Harlequin Horizons has in store with their new vanity publishing adventure.

Meanwhile, New Moon has solidified its place as the number one opening of all time and its $140 million dollar box office has landed third in the best openings ever. I'm not a fan of the books or the franchise but I may check it out on cable just for kicks. I am dying to see 2012, though because I'm an Emmerich fan (go Roland)!