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Vampire's Defanged and the change of reading habits.

I'm not sure what happened during the course of the year but I think my reading habits have changed. I used to love to pick up a pile of books and dive into them one after the other. Especially after I had been looking forward to them all year after hearing a blurb either through Publisher's Lunch, Goodreads or on some message board. But somewhere along the lines, I lost that interest. Now I'm finding that many of my faves in the paranormal genre are starting to read the same. This is especially with the new books and authors coming out. Nothing is reading with a unique voice or with an interesting spin. It's almost as if the same blurb and story is used one story after another with only the main settings and character names changed.

I dove into smaller presses for this reason but even there I'm seeing a trend where the market is glutted with the same type of books. It's one reason why I went back to the tried and true classics (hello Ray Bradbury! Where have yo…

Podcast Interview with Phoebe Jordan Now Up!

Hello folks!

Tonight's podcast with Phoebe Jordan is now up in the on demand section. You can listen to here or download it at the source. Hope you enjoy it!

The permanent link will go up in my media room before the night is over.

Happy listening!

Suvudu Last Chance Ebooks and news from Rae!

Hey everyone!

I know you're all either traveling to spend time with family members, cooking and/or preparing for tomorrow's festivities of Turkey Day so I'll make this short.

I have some goodies in store including some upcoming releases as you notice on the sidebar there. Contemporary sweet romance readers are in for a nice treat this December. I'm currently editing that story and will be offering it via Smashwords and all the online stores in as many formats as I can get them in. As you may have heard, Smashwords just signed up to sell with Shortcovers and have added Amazon Kindle to their list of affiliations with Barnes & Noble and the Sony Reader store. They've also acquired the New Zealand self-publishing company BookHabit so there will be a ton of new books available.

Random House's current free ebook offerings in their Suvudu library is holding a last chance offer to download their current crop of books until the end of November. List includes:
A Kiss of…

Massive linkage update and a return!

Woo hoo.

My net is back and roaring. I think it'll be more stabilized now if my ISP company is nice.

Well, hope everyone is well. It's been two weeks since I've been in the waters but it seems like a lifetime. Anything change much out there? Flying cars? Any Trekkie like food replicators on the market?

Lots of news have happened and I came in time for a biggie!

By now you've probably heard of the big massive hoopla that is Harlequin Horizons, Harlequin's (yes, the big romance giant pub honcho) new "publishing venture".

If you're looking for a simple run down, there's an excellent article on the Examiner by Pat Hauldren entitled Harlequin Regress to Vanity Press that is great for a quick primer on the situation. Another good Examiner article is by Holly Christine entitled Authors Arguing: The Harlequin Debate.

For a list of linkies around the web, check out author Angela Korra'ti's blog. She also links to John Scalzi's blog overview and comme…

Special Message For My Novel Writing Students

Hey guys!

Please accept my apologies for the last week. Apparently the net outage I thought would happen prior happened then and I didn’t have a chance to send a future mailing list message for the warning. Ack! And right during NaNo also. :-/

I hope you guys are busy writing away at your stories. I’d love to know the progress you’re having and if there are any obstacles you may coming across. I’m not sure when I’ll be back in-world but I’m working hard to get the net back up and running at home so we can resume things.

In the mean time keep working and penning those stories. You guys have some great ideas and I’d love to see that come to fruition. I’ll be around via my mobile for the time being.

Sending lots of positive writing vibes your way!


Black Ice by Anne Stuart

Black Ice is the book that made me an Anne Stuart fan. As a classic author in the genre, I had heard many good things about Ms. Stuart's work from my fellow readers. Now I understand why.

I wouldn't recommend Black Ice, first entry in the Ice series, just to romantic suspense fans. There are lots of thrills, chilling suspense and some really complex characters that don't fit within the romance genre. I loved that aspect of it. The "hero" or perhaps the anti-hero, Bastien is a cold somewhat manipulative man who would do anything (and practically anyone) to get his mission finished. I'm not even sure I'd call him tortured because he knows exactly what he wants and how to get and he has no bones about telling anyone what he wants them to hear straight in their face. The heroine, Chloe, is somewhat innocent but not a pushover by any means. She acts as any sane person would when in the company of lunatics, killers and thieves and often feels like th…

November Spotlight on Author Wendy Raven McNair

Recently I had the blessing of meeting author Wendy Raven McNair. A fellow author, artist and speculative enthusiast, I was delighted to learn more about Wendy's premiere superhero teen novel, Asleep. Described as a fantasy love story about an African American teen who discovers a world of super beings, I knew this would be right up my alley since I love superheroes (as you can tell from a few posts back). Wendy has a trilogy planned with Asleep being the first of series and I'm excited to see what else she has planned for the future.

Q: When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?
I decided I wanted to be a writer after I had my daughter. Having her was a life altering experience that caused me to do some serious soul searching. I wanted to raise her to be unafraid to pursue her dreams and I wondered how best to achieve that goal. The answer was simple, I had to model it. All my life I’ve loved telling stories; nighttime stories to my younger sister when we were kids sharing…

Keeping the Ebook Revolution Green

You guys know I'm an ebook fan both as an author and a reader. I'm jazzed about all the ebook readers coming out and am excited because these are just the beginning.

Since ebooks are always touted as going green whether in the submission and editing process (thank you guys for this, you're life savers!) but also in book releases, publishers and the big companies have to keep this in mind also.

Agent Richard Curtis blogged a month ago at E-Reads under the title Getting Rid of E-Trash? Dump it on Asia's Poor. It's a wonderful write-up (make sure you check it out) where he brings up a good question: when the next generation of e-readers arrives, what's going to happen to the Kindle or Sony E-Reader you replace?

The answer?

If what's happening in Europe is any guideline, it will end up in a toxic e-waste landfill in Asia and Africa where the destitute, many of them children, will scavenge it for scrap. These scavengers incur horrifying and often fatal skin, lung, …