Superhero Cast Do-Overs

This is a post of pure total randomness. I'm not a fan of remakes, redos, reboots and do-overs but if I had a time machine and could go back, I'd send some major mental waves for some superhero casting changes.

Here's who I would love to see in the place of:

Jake Gyllenhaal
as Peter Parker

I'm not a huge Spidey fan (aside from the MTV cel animated run and the ooooold tv cartoon (and yes, I even liked the 'supposedly' bad live action Spiderman, too). An 'close but no cigar' casting miss happened between the first and second movie when Maguire was almost out for health reasons. If I can go back in time, I'd whisper Jake's name to Sam Raimi before he can think "Tobey who?"

Matt Damon as Matt Murdock

A few reports flooded the net about Matt playing Matt but most are old reports before Affleck took over the role. I really wish they would have went with Damon. Not only do I completely heart him just because he's just an awesome actor, he's shown he can do action like a pro with the Bourne movies. I would have loved to have seen him tackle Daredevil with a better director and writer behind the camera.

Leonor Varela as Elektra Natchios

I'm a late bloomer Elektra fan. I got hooked on this awesome kick butt assassin from the recent Marvel Knights "Gregs Run". That is, Greg Horn (one of my fave comic artists) and Greg Rucka. If we look at Horn's Elektra art, Leonor Varela has the anti-heroine's look and, from her Blade II stint, she had the chops to handle the action. Some training here and there and she'd be a sai wielding butt kicker in no time. Jennifer Garner ended up the role and was rather flat but I think since Alias was popular at the time, Marvel thought they could cash in on her name at the time. I would have loved to have seen Leonor given the role with a better writer and director and also a possible spin off based on some of her comic stories which are awesome in their own right. I loved the character arc in A dream would be the Punisher/Elektra one shot I read ages ago.

Imagine the possibilities of their first meeting at Columbia University and then their inevitable showdown.

Or just watch this awesome Elektra fan film instead.

Honorable Mention

Clive Owen as James Bond

Seriously? Who doesn't think Clive could've nailed Bond?? At one time, Owen was offered the role but declined it as he saw it beneath him. Seeing as this was during the time of Brosnan's last few movies, I couldn't blame the guy. But with an awesome new writer and director, Owen would have restarted a really cool, sleek new Bond franchise.