For Fae Lovers: Free ebook from Juno Books

Juno Books is giving away a free ebook this month. If you're a fae lover like me you'll want to pick this one up!

This year, download SCARY FAIRIES: FOUR FEARFUL TALES of the FEY. The contents:

"The Child That Went With the Fairies", Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
"The Adventure of Cherry of Zennor", Robert Hunt
"Ethna the Bride", Lady Francesca Speranza Wilde
"Tamlane" and "Tam Lin", John Joseph and Anonymous

Why fairies? We realized that two upcoming releases -- BLOOD KIN by Maria Lima and HALLOWED CIRCLE by Linda Robertson -- featured some fairies that were, well, not "good" by any means.

Download the FREE PDF of SCARY FAIRIES ( now and enjoy!