Dressing the Blog & Hopping around the blogosphere

Ahh! My blog is naked!

Sorry I haven't updated lately. I've been addicted to the short 140 character tweet-a-thon at Twitter and the mini updates from Facebook that I haven't had time to post a good and healthy blog here.

Don't worry, I shall return.

I'm currently working on a few projects at the same time so I'm a big scatter brained.

If you're jonesing for some Rae bloggy goodness, I'd love to invite you to on over to my Paranormal Romantics posting for this week. Just in case you want to add to that growing TBR pile, I have a few book suggestions you should add to your cart. There's also some goodies from my fellow Paranormal Romantics there!

Also feel free to stop on over to my posting this month at Pop Culture Divas. October is a time for paranormal, horror and dark fantasy goodies so come on down and share some of your fave Oct. happenings this month!

I'll be chipping away at these projects in the mean time but I'll be back with more posts when I can.

Until then...

Happy writing and reading!!