I heart You

I'm generally a meh cook. The best things I can make (from what my victims, er family members who have eaten my stuff, have told me) are pork chops, scrambled eggs topped with cheese, cookies, brownies and now pie. When low on ingredients, I've found that a quick google search brings up a ton of quick and easy recipes. has become my go to place. When I didn't have Manwich for Sloppy Joes (and I love me some manwich) a recipe there lead me to use BBQ sauce on ground turkey. With a dash of spike, it was awesome. I've also found an awesome recipe for easy Very Blueberry Pie. is another fave and there I found some an easy homemade maple syrup recipe. Per some of the comments I added butter and YUM. Awesome syrup.

My aunt (maternal side) is the big baker in the family and I'll have to call her for some baking recipes. Either that or make a quick trip just to dive into her yummy dishes. I wish my grandmother (paternal side) was alive because she made some amazing dishes that I still remember from when I was younger. I wish she wrote down her recipes, especially her famous brownies I hear a lot about. I try to catch my mother when she cooks to see what she puts in her food but she's more of a 'creative cooker'. She often takes recipes and adds a little something extra that always turns out so good. I don't know how she does it but it happens. I wish I had that talent but for now I'll be happy making small and easy dishes until I can work my way up to the heavier stuff!