Quick News - Where to Find Rae Around the Blogosphere

Hey folks!

Giving you a quick note because I'll be making some appearances for the next few days and I invite you to come on down, check out some of my posts, comment if you like and take a look around my new digs.

First off, I posted about Musings on Writing today over at Paranormal Romantics and chatted a bit about my previous writing formats.

Tomorrow is my inaugural post over at PopCultureDivas. A wonderful place for lots of musings on media stuffs and all sorts of goodies you'll want to check out. I'll be introducing myself and talking a little bit about living in our virtual future, which includes some info on Second Life. If you ever wanted to join or wondered what it was all about, feel free to stop on by.

Speaking about Second Life, Saturday I'll be chatting about theme and character for the upcoming Novel Writers class. Stop by Saturday at 6 pm SLT (PST) and bring your work!

For the month of September, Coffee Time Romance is hosting a Reader's Retreat for Freya's Bower and Wild Child Publishing authors! I'll be joining the fun in the main forum and also my own thread where I'll answer any q's you may have or just hang around for a bit of book chatting. ;-) Come on down and join me and the other authors! You may have some goodies to add to your reading list!

Finally, the September newsletter should be going out next week. The month came upon me quickly and took me off guard so I'm preparing for some big news, a new cover to possibly share and some other goodies you may want to check out. You can join on the front of my site and don't forget to check out the fun questions when you sign up. :-)

That should be it for now. Stay tuned!


Melissa said...

Sounds like fun! I will try my best to get around to all the events! I owe you an email so I'm sending that out now...talk soon!