Boom Boom Satellites - Techno Rock Magic

I love Boom Boom Satellites. If they had a fan badge, I would grab on and put it on this blog.

Ever since watching the first CG Appleseed movie, I've been hooked on the soundtrack, particularly the song Dive For You. The song comes on the movie during a particularly awesome and somewhat twisty fight scene. Ever since then, I had it in my head and on repeat as I thought about some scenes in my current Sci-Fi Romance. The song has a rockin' beat, catchy lyrics and a sound you can't help bouncin' your head to. They have a sound that's distinctly futuristic/cyberpunk and I think that's one reason I love them so much.

I checked out Boom Boom Satellites and noticed they were a group from Japan. Not to mention Michiyuki Kawashima, the vocals and guitarist, was a yummy yummy guy. The band consists of Michi and Masayuki Nakano on bass. Not only did they do the soundtrack from Appleseed, they also did another anime feature length favorite Vexille.

I'm a relatively new fan, but I'm definitely going to be checking out more of their music on their currently released albums. I'm already hooked on their soundtracks!