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Boom Boom Satellites - Techno Rock Magic

I love Boom Boom Satellites. If they had a fan badge, I would grab on and put it on this blog.

Ever since watching the first CG Appleseed movie, I've been hooked on the soundtrack, particularly the song Dive For You. The song comes on the movie during a particularly awesome and somewhat twisty fight scene. Ever since then, I had it in my head and on repeat as I thought about some scenes in my current Sci-Fi Romance. The song has a rockin' beat, catchy lyrics and a sound you can't help bouncin' your head to. They have a sound that's distinctly futuristic/cyberpunk and I think that's one reason I love them so much.

I checked out Boom Boom Satellites and noticed they were a group from Japan. Not to mention Michiyuki Kawashima, the vocals and guitarist, was a yummy yummy guy. The band consists of Michi and Masayuki Nakano on bass. Not only did they do the soundtrack from Appleseed, they also did another anime feature length favorite Vexille.

I'm a relatively new f…

State of Publishing, Sci-Fi Romance & a Free Kresley Cole Ebook

Okay I know I'm supposed to be taking time off but I came across some good articles on the state of the publishing industry that I wanted to pass on as sort of an index post.

With the news that the digitally pirated editions of Dan Brown's latest has reached more readers than the print version, publishers are up in arms and people are talking about how digital is quickly moving away from niche to the a possible future of reading solely digital works. One school library in Boston already got rid of their entire paperback library as they move into digital format. “When I look at books, I see an outdated technology, like scrolls before books,’’ said headmaster James Tracy.

Thanks to my fellow writing buddy author J. Hali Steele for link about the Nathan Bransford posting.

And we shall begin.

Agent Nathan Bransford posted earlier this week about if authors will need publisher's in the near future. (Hint: Cloudy with a chance of maybe). Be sure to read the comments because a lot of…

When Movies Get it Spot On

Time to take some time off the interwebs again to recoop the ole tired brain. TBR pile here I come! Tomorrow I'm posting at Paranormal Romantics and then I'll be away. I'll probably pop back soon.

Yep, it's been one of those weeks lol.

Does anyone else feel like they should be watching a Zach Braff coming of age movie whenever they hear a John Mayer song?

No? Just me? Okay.

(Even though I do like his music and Garden State is one of my fave films)

Grabbing my pen and paper and wandering off into the void.

Wait a minute, I need some inspiration to take with me.

There we go!

Against the Odds by Jewel Adams

Against the Odds is good ole fashioned romance wrapped in your favorite blanket. I really enjoyed the author's voice in this story and the way she presented the story, although not traditionally romance, was a nice welcome addition to the genre.

As we open, our heroine Raine is getting a divorce from her cheating husband Jerome. She moves to New Mexico, leaving the comforts of her home and her high paying modeling job, to start anew on her friend Caroline and David's farm. As she settles in, she gets to know the farm hands, an easy going life and eventually David's brother Hayden. Although interest is there for both Raine and Hayden, they start out as friends and get to know each other before entering a romantic relationship. As they continue their relationship, they battle people and life as they try to find their own happily ever after.

The trials and tribulations the couple face aren't entirely complex more so than life itself getting in the way. People with a certain…

Back in the Saddle Again

The sucky/cool thing about long weekends is you get an extra few days to be lazy and slack off. Woo hoo. But then when those days are over, you feel like Rip Van Winkle and wonder where the heck the past few days went!

Well, I'm wondering the latter and now it's time to get back to work. I've got a YA story I want to write for a call for anthology at a new small press and I need to practice butt in the chair syndrome. Diving in and just writing the darn thing. Of course I'm posting this a few minutes past my bedtime but I figure I'd write it here so I can dream about it and hopefully wake up ready to write like I've never written before!

At least a gal can hope. ;-)

I have a short list of projects I need to finish before deadlines: a fantasy for a Wizard anthology, another YA for an upcoming antho, an academic romance paper and a book to start waay later. I'd rather dip into some short projects first so I don't have to spend too long before hitting the fin…

Quick News - Where to Find Rae Around the Blogosphere

Hey folks!

Giving you a quick note because I'll be making some appearances for the next few days and I invite you to come on down, check out some of my posts, comment if you like and take a look around my new digs.

First off, I posted about Musings on Writing today over at Paranormal Romantics and chatted a bit about my previous writing formats.

Tomorrow is my inaugural post over at PopCultureDivas. A wonderful place for lots of musings on media stuffs and all sorts of goodies you'll want to check out. I'll be introducing myself and talking a little bit about living in our virtual future, which includes some info on Second Life. If you ever wanted to join or wondered what it was all about, feel free to stop on by.

Speaking about Second Life, Saturday I'll be chatting about theme and character for the upcoming Novel Writers class. Stop by Saturday at 6 pm SLT (PST) and bring your work!

For the month of September, Coffee Time Romance is hosting a Reader's Retreat for Frey…

September Spotlight on Author Brian Moreland

This month, A Writer's Dream welcomes a renaissance man and dreamer: Brian Moreland. I'm happy to have him at AWD this month to share his work in books, film & video and also a little bit about living the writer's dream. He shares such stories about his journey through publishing on his own blog over at Adventures in Writing (aspiring authors take note) along with a little bit of his background a producer and film/video editor. His portfolio includes editing the documentary Band of Champions, as well as a slew of corporate videos under his belt. I found it really cool that his latest project is a World War II documentary about his grandfather called My Grandfather's Story which he also showcases at his blog.

This month, Brian shares his latest release along with his writing background and influences.

Q: When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?I started dreaming about being a writer when I was in high school. I loved books. I remember going to the paperback rack…