Website Updates a-coming

My website has been screaming for an update for the past few weeks an once I get out of the writing hole I'll surely be diving into it. Some things I'm going to work on (this post is kind of a note to self: get a move on):

- A spiffy new Ashen T series section with timelines, character info and background series info

- Updated resource page with a list of great Book Lover/Reviewer blogger links (if you have one, drop me a line so you can be added)

- An outline of my Second Life Beginning Novel Writing class syllabus for attendants (If you're in SL and want to attend, drop me a message. Classes begin Aug 8th at 6pm SLT/PST) I'll also give more info on the writing group as well.

And any other updates I can think of. Adding this to the To-Do List.