Plotters, Pantsers and Screenplay Techniques

I recently caught this great show on story structure, writing a novel using screenplay techniques, and Plotters and Pantsers and I wanted to pass it on to you guys out there. When I first started learning to write, it was through plays and screenplays while studying the three act structure. Novels aren't too different as they use the same aspects of plot points, rising actions, climaxes and resolutions only with more obstacles. One of the authors in the show gave some good titles where you can employ the same writing techniques and I'll be adding those to my Resources page on my website for writers. Here are the titles below just in case you want to check them out.

Enjoy the listen!

Screenwriting Books That Aspiring Novelists Can Use

Story by Robert McKee

How To Write a Movie In 21 Days by Viki King

Screenplay by Syd Field