Her Wolf (Book 1 in the Westervelt Wolves Series) by Rebecca Royce

I've always been a fan of stories that dealt with the "other" paranormals that featured supernatural communities that existed outside of our human world. Her Wolf the first in the Westervelt Wolves series by Rebecca Royce handled both accounts with the otherworldly love story of a paranormal romance and the edgy yet crafty world building of a contempotary urban fantasy.

Her Wolf features Ashlee Morrison, a young woman who has just gotten over her fiance's betrayal over cheating on her and getting another woman pregnant. After recovering from a breakdown, she takes a job at the nearby zoo and soon starts hearing voices in from one of the wolves there. Is she going crazy? Giving into this feeling she ends up saving the wolf who calls out to her and soon finds out he is indeed a shifter wolf, a prince who was doomed to stay in wolf form because of a witch's curse. With the help of his pack brothers, he can be successfully turned back. But that is not all. Ashlee is his true mate and, unbeknownst to her, also comes from a line of wolves. She may be the only one who can help him, doom him to fall to another curse that caused his father to kill his own mate or perhaps both at the same time. A battle begins between the former Alpha and the Westervelt wolves that starts a new feud and the beginnings of a new future for the family.

I have to say this was a rockin' story. I'm a world building junkie and I love to see the rules of the author's world created as the characters within the story adhere to them and explore it through their actions. There's a bit of family history here as the wolf dynasty is established through Tristan's brothers and his farther and also through Ashlee's mother as well.

There's a sweet yet very sensual love story that builds throughout and the chemistry between Tristan and Ashlee is smoking. The action scenes kept me turning the pages to see how things will be resolved between the hero and heroine.

The next book in the series deals with Ashlee's younger sister Summer and I'm definitely eager to see how things continue in the family line as well as seeing how the community continues to survive within the pack. Although this is a story within itself, there's a hint toward an ongoing battle between the antagonist of the story and our heroes that leaves it open for a series. I would have liked to have known a bit more about the witch's history and her story. A minor wish and one that doesn't deter at all from my enjoyment of the story. Maybe there will be hints of more in the coming books as we get to know the different members of the Westervelt community. I'd definitely be interested in learning and getting to know more. If you're looking for a great paranormal romance with a side of suspense and action, definitely pick up Her Wolf and check out this series!