August Spotlight on Author R.D. Peveto

This month, A Writer's Dream welcomes a special author with a current release to add to your bookshelf!

R. D. Peveto, Jr. brings is life experience of being a Registered Nurse, truck driver, a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and Technology and his work in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps as a 1st Lieutenant all to his writing.

He graduated in 1971 from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana with a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and Technology. He received his certification as a Registered Nurse, and practiced his profession in Emergency Room and Operating room nursing, Surgical post operative nursing, and Medical-Surgical Nursing not to leave out an intensive training course in Psychiatric Nursing at the most prestigious U.S. Army Hospital at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C..

He has held various level positions in the Nursing units of Private Hospitals and the Veteran Administration Hospital system, where he has seen and dealt with some of the most unusual of cases. With an enormous repertoire of experiences in the medical field plus being an avid crime - mysteries and horror buff, he feels right at home writing his own stories of such things. He lives in Hudson Oaks, Texas, with his wife, Linda, of thirty years, and a menagerie of pets consisting of dogs, cats and birds. His current release Keeper is his first novel.

R.D. Peveto also gave us some insight into his writing.

1. When did you decide to be a writer?

As strange as it may sound to many of your readers, I was 58 years old when I first wrote seriously. I had a desire to say things about different subjects all throughout my life but I never thought about writing them down to share with anyone. As I got older and experienced life in ways many people hadn’t, I finally decided to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper. Many of my characters that I develop have a part of me in them. Some of my family and friends say that is a real scary thought. I tend to agree with them but it does make for very colorful characters.

2. How have your personal experiences influenced the direction of your writing?

I have found that my personal experiences are what have driven me to my point of wanting to say something through my writings. A lot of people look at me very strangely when I tell them about what I used to do for a living and what I do for a living now. I trained and graduated in a university school of nursing. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and Technology and I was certified as a Registered Nurse in the State of Louisiana. I went into the U. S. Army as an Army Nurse during the Vietnam era. Although I was lucky enough not to go into the war, I still saw a lot of things resulting from it. After discharge from the Army I moved to Texas and continued to practice this profession for a total of 16 years and saw more disheartening things than one could imagine. Finally one day, I basically threw up my hands and got out of it for good. I then became a truck driver. This profession allowed me to see a whole different side of people that I really didn’t know existed. It also gave me many hours to let my imagination run rampant giving me hundreds of ideas for writing.

3. What influenced you to start writing in this genre?

As I said before, I have a very active imagination. I have loved horror, mystery and fantasy tales through reading and movies all of my life, so it was natural to me to write about such things.

4. Who influenced you the most to start writing?

I am not sure if anyone in particular really influenced me to start writing. For many years I have experienced bouts with depression. My doctor tried all types of medications on me but very few helped. He finally told me that if I would release my feelings it might help me reduce my depression. Well, I tried this through verbal release. That seemed to work for a while but it also tended to get me into trouble as you can imagine. I needed to find another way to release my feelings. One day I was talking to someone about my feelings of depression and they suggested that I try writing down my feelings. Well, that gave me an idea to make up tales and put my thoughts through them. Just the fact that I spend a lot of time thinking about a story to write and the time it takes to write it out has helped me overcome my depressions. Of course, there are those individuals that have guided me to write better and express myself so that the public might be interested in my subject matter. I belong to a small writing group called the eagle mountain writer’s workshop and an author you have recently interviewed heads it. C. A. Dawson is a good friend and mentor to me. I have learned a lot from her as I have from the other members of our small group.

5. How many books have you written so far?

It would be nice to be able to say to you that I have written a number of books but the truth is I have only written one novel. Author House published it in April 2008. The name of my book is Keeper. It is my first attempt at trying to write a mystery novel. It is a detective type murder mystery. This is a prime example of my feelings through my writing. The main premise of the novel is about an individual whom has become disillusioned by the activities of a secret society. He is rejected from this organization and due to his mental status is unable to handle the rejection. He takes on the role of one of the officiating officers of the organization and begins killing members in the ritualistic method that the society use to use over a thousand years ago. A detective and two members of the unit assigned to find this killer track him down and end his killing spree. Much to their surprise they find out that he was not acting alone the whole time. The ending is the best part of the book in my opinion and I have had many compliments on the book and each time the reader has told me that they never saw that ending coming. That is what made it all worthwhile to me.

I am currently working on two other books. One has the same detective characters in it as the Keeper did but it is not really a sequel to the first book. It is called ‘Taste of Evil.’ The second one is about a young man who becomes a killer for hire. It will be a while before this one is completed.

The one that I am really into at the moment is called ‘Dark Honor’. It's my first attempt at dark fiction. I am having fun with this one and so far it seems to be accepted by the people I use to give me feedback on my writing.

6. Do you write everyday? How much time do you spend on your writing?

I would like to say that I spend hours and hours working on my projects but in reality I tend to write at least an hour a day or so. Sometimes I can’t get to it because of my work as a driver but the ideas are flowing constantly and I try to record those ideas and then write them down and organize them when I get home. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It has definitely been a challenge for me.

R.D. Peveto's novel Keeper is available now in print format.

Detective Sergeant Eddie Hammond was unaware he was about to begin a hunt for one of the most demented killers he would ever encounter in his career. Along with his partners Peter Granger and Rachel Duncan, he is thrown into a fast moving tirade of murders which involve innocent members of a well known secret society known as the Knights of the Trinity. Little did Detective Hammond realize that the answers were within his reach all along and once he listened to his own instincts, he would be able to end the ruthless killing spree of the Keeper.