Taking a step back

To say that it's mass pandemonium in the publishing industry is a vaaast understatement to describe the current state. I'm hearing things from top NY editors confessing that the more attractive the author is, the higher the chances of getting reviewed. The RWA conference revealed that editors are tired of the same ole same ole and are looking for different works while agents are looking for the same types of works that have already sold (shouldn't we all be on the same page here since one is technically selling to the other?), writer advances are dropping like flies at two big NY print publishers, editors don't officially edit anymore...they acquire and Barnes and Noble officially enters the ebook game only a few hours after announcing it yesterday. Although some believe it may not be the big competitor for the giant that is Amazon. Not yet at least.

With all this news and hoopla coming at a person, it's no wonder we're seriously on overload in this day and age. The publishing industry has certainly been rocky for a while but never has been more shaky as it shifts it's business model. Publishing has always been risk averse, perhaps more so than any other industry, that it's no wonder why so many people are throwing their hands up and just hanging on until the shifty tide is over. I enjoy analyzing the industry (it's a sick and twisted hobby of mine) but at the same time there comes a time when it's just way to out of control. You may have noticed I haven't been posting about it as much. I needed to step back and drop out of pop culture for a while I reconvene my thoughts and ideas. Frankly I needed to just get back to good ole fashioned writing!

And boy did it feel good. My current WIP is nearing the finish line, I'm reading a wonderful book by a fellow author friend of mine (second time around) that's officially my new fave dark romance novel and discovering some other reads that have been on my shelf. I'm also thinking of some other ideas to explore, including maybe stepping into the YA world. That'll depend on how my ideas go.

Since dropping out of everything I almost missed a few goodies coming up in the movies. For instance, I didn't realize Daybreakers was coming out soon (next few months?) and it looks awesome. I love the mix of vampires and futuristic dystopia fiction. Two of my fave things together.

Glad to start out my 2010 movie list and I hope to add more as the months go on.

Don't forget to check out my current blog post over at Paranormal Romantics later today. I'll be chatting about stretching the conventions of the Romance genre. Since I've been hooked on gritty, dark contemporary romances, thanks to my friend Danielle's awesome story for my introduction to the genre, I want more more more and I'm wondering if the readers who are looking for something new will be willing to see the romance genre labels changed a bit. Come on down and give me your thoughts!


Sandra Sookoo said...

It depends for me. Classics are well, classic and you already know where you're going and how you're getting there, but new stuff is always great even though it might be a risk.

Are you talking from a writer's standpoint? If so, I'd say write the story of your heart. Period. :-)

Funny thing. In my 10 year plan, I'd like to write YA novels as well :-) Always been a dream of mine. Just need to make a name for myself first :-)

Rock on, fellow writer.

Rae Lori said...

Thanks Sandi! I think it's that risk factor that kinda creeps me out at times. I can't help but wonder how it will be taken by readers but you are so correct about writing the story of your heart. Good stories usually come from that angle, I notice!

I do like that new stuff can come quickly become classics to a reader especially if they are comfort reads.

I'd love to read a YA from you. I know you're definitely on your way!

Happy writing to you. :-)