Historical Merry Go-Round!

My book reading usually goes in cycles as most readers' preferences do. One minute I'm into sci-fi the next paranormal, the next historical and so on. I usually switch when I've had too much of one or the other and I think my historical fix is about to swing right around again. Good thing because I need to do some major research and I'm hoping some of my fellow readers out there can help me.

I'd love to grab more historical fiction and/or romance reads that take place in Ancient Egypt. If they're pretty detailed that'd be awesome but I can't seem to find many that take place in this time period. I have one in my TBR pile that's next up to be loaded into my phone but I'd love to find more.

I'm also looking for French court historicals with scenes that were shown in Dragonfly in Amber. I love the detail of the architecture and the cultural norms back then. I'm still going to try to find some good recommendations along these lines but if anyone out there knows of any, please let me know!