G For June Contest

Hello hello!

Today is Friday and we got some book winners from the June contest.

First a little bit o' background. On my former mailing list, I offered subscribers some books off my shelf that I had read and wanted to pass on to other readers. Some were order mishaps from online bookstores and others were ones that weren't quite my cup o' tea but I figured they might be someone else's so I offered them up for grabs to my subscribers.

Well, I've moved my news and updates here to my blog and to my Facebook and Twitter page since the news has been sparse and I didn't want to cloud folk's inboxes up. You can sign up for more recent updates here which has more goodies than the mailing list. My sidebar has a subscription via email or any reader you may be using for blogs.

So, without further ado, here are the G For June Contest winners!

Last month we had two contests to illustrate the title: one for a mass market edition of Diana Gabaldon's Drums of Autumn and another for a mass market edition Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

The random number generator has spoken! Congrats to Jo Ann White who won Neverwhere and Carol Luciano who won Drums!! Woo hoo! I think you guys included your addys in the emails so I'll pop those in the mail as soon as I can! If anyone from the previous contest hasn't received their books yet, hang tight because they should be on their way! I haven't forgotten about ya. :-)

My giveaway stash has sorta depleted so I'm going to hold off this month's contest until I get a little more in to share with you guys. I do have a special book giveaway for the month of September to commence Diana Gabaldon's current release in the Outlander series. I bought this book especially to give away to my readers because I love it so much and wanted to share an awesome book with you guys. I would give away my own shelf copy but that version is what I call a 'cold dead hands' book. Like some folks have desert island keepers. With me the only way I'll part with my fave copies if they're pried from my cold, dead hands. ;-) So check back in September for that goodie book.

In the meantime, I have some of my own goodies to offer for the month of August so there won't be any book giveaways then but everyone will have a chance at a freebie from yours truly!

Stay tuned!


Carol L. said...

WhooooHooo , thanks Rae. I'm thrilled to have won Diana G's book. Love this series so much and agree with you that these books would have to be pried from ny cold, dead hands, lol
Thanks again. I don't remember if Iadded my address though.
Carol Luciano

Rae Lori said...

LOL congrats Carol and enjoy!

I may have to make a little sidebar section for Cold Dead Hands books on my list! :-D