Vampire Western Adaptation "Priest" Gets A New Star and Co-star

A bit of bummer/yay news for us Gerard Butler fans (and some goodie news for us Cam ooglers). Priest fans have been campaigning for our favorite Scotsmen to take up the role of the vampire hunting lead character. Just a few days ago, Paul Bettany was confirmed to take the leading role of the film based on the TokyoPop manga created by Min-Woo Hyung. Priest is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires and follows a warrior priest (Bettany) who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

I know what you're thinking. "What?! The albino dude from the Da Vinci Code?"

Well, yes BUT also the handsome hero who popped off the pages of Inkheart into the feature film of the same name. After seeing him in Inkheart (where I didn't even recognize him at first!) I'm convinced that Bettany has the potential to pull off the western horror hero.

Cam Gigandet has just been announced to join the cast as a young wasteland sheriff who is part vampire. He partners with Bettany to save the girl he loves, the niece.

Here's Paul Bettany in one of my fave scenes from Inkheart


Savannah Chase said...

ok Cam...drooooool....I was sure they had finished shooting this a long time ago....Hmmm...

Rae Lori said...

Really? That's strange. I think it's been hiatus for a while but I guess it's back in swing with all the casting one after another.