Starhunter is coming back! (Updated May 2015)

Update May 2015 ~ With the recent trend of show revivals, I'm so excited to share the news that Starhunter is returning! Philip Jackson the showrunner has been awesomely instrumental on Facebook updating the fans with news about a new season, webisodes, a comic and brand spanking new page! Goodies are available at the Everything Starhunter page here. News about who's coming back, continuing storylines and more are forthcoming. This is a great series so I hope all you sci-fi adventure lovers check this series out! ~ R

Originally posted as Starhunter 2300 now available on Youtube - (Dated 6/7/2009)

I know I rave about this show all the time but it is awesome.

Now YT has put up the entire Starhunter 2300 series for your viewing pleasure. Episodes 1-22 with some of the most diverse, amazing and fun characters in a futuristic setting. Not to mention a burgeoning romance which I love in my sci-fi. This was a continuing series from Starhunter both dealing with the same universe of colonies, bounty hunters, raiders, divinity clusters and government conspiracies. This is an awesome show if you're looking for some new sci-fi to sink your teeth into. Everything you need to know about the Starhunter universe is here. A new awesome site that chronicles the series!

2 years ago I posted an "All you ever wanted to know about the Starhunter series" over at my Livejournal which told about the series along with some pics. Here's a little behind the scenes goodies to catch up on the show.

Originally posted at Sci-Fi Rae's World 12/8/06:

It's a little known sci-fi tv show that aired a few years ago. Some say it was bad, some enjoyed the refreshing storylines, extensive universe and twists, awesome musical score and low budget look of this canadian series. I personally, and recently, fell in love with the second season. I have yet to see the first season, but I will someday just to get the back story. But without my yummy bounty hunting captain Travis Montana and his butt kicking, weapons specialist lady Callista (Callie) Larkadia by his side, among others, I'm gonna be a bit saddened. :-(

Listen to the 2300 theme 'Darker Star' by Peter Gabriel here
Listen to the 'Darker Star Reprise' here

Backstory time!

Courtesy of a Bureau 42 post I came across &

Starhunter 2275 aka Season 1

The year is 2275. Earth has more or less successfully colonized the entire solar system, but our reach has surpassed our grasp. Any semblance to law is spotty and unreliable. Things are dangerous and final out on the frontiers of space. As the colonies continuously push further and further out from Earth, lawlessness and crime expand right along. With the vast distances between Earth and its colonies, policing has become a very real problem. The use of private forces like bounty hunters, known as 'Starhunters', has become common practice. Their job is to bring to justice the epidemic of criminals terrorizing the colonies. Their rewards are usually monetary.

Farmer Dante Montana (yes, they named a character Montana, get over it.) [<--tee font="" hee=""> is away from the farm when Raiders attack, take his son, kill his wife, and his niece's parents, leaving his niece Percy in his custody. In an attempt to get his son back, he becomes a bounty hunter for Rudolpho. The ship he does his work in is managed by an AI named Carvaggio. Along the way he picks up a security officer named Lucritia (Luke for short) who's dad, Darius, heads up an undergound organization called the Orchard.

The ship was at one time a luxury liner that was converted to a troop ship when whatever passes for an earth gov went to war against the Raiders who at the time had taken over Mars. The Raiders were driven back, and earth colonization continued out to the jovian sattelites. (Where Dante was raising a family.)

Raiders are unable to reproduce, so to continue their existence they take children in raids. See notes above.

The Orchard is following a set of discoveries about a sequence of some 4 cromasomes that are discovered in the human genome that have no precidence for anything else on earth. These cromasomes apparently add several psi abilities, that can be accessed with some training. Based upon what I have seen in the series, some of the powers include giving the possesor super speed, abilities to read minds, cause explosions (generally killing the possor of the ability as well) and others.

Along the way it appears that the entire human race is going to be affected by a "conversion" in the "near future", as a result of these genes.

Dante and Percey are not concerned with the same things that the Orchard is concerned about except in as far as the people already affected become targets for their bounty hunting job, or as they discover they are related to Raiders they encounter while looking for Dante's son.

Starhunter 2300 aka Season 2 (yay!)

Starhunter Season 2 picks up where the first season left off. In the series debut, bounty hunter Dante Montana and his cohorts pursued evil outlaws through the solar system, while he simultaneously searched for his lost son, Travis. In this season's Starhunter, we find the tables turned and the son, Travis, is now searching for his missing father.

Travis Montana (Clive Robertson) is a reformed ruffian with extraordinary powers as a result of his exposure to the Divinity Cluster, a sequence of subhuman genes that are activated by hi-tech equipment. His gifts are great but impossible to harness, so often the wild side of Travis rears up.

He and his band of misfit bounty hunters are in constant and relentless pursuit of the 24th Century's most ruthless criminals, traversing the dangerous landscapes that make up the patchwork of the New World; hundreds of outposts with hostile topography, competing political agendas and socio-economic systems, wildly ineffectual governments and rampant lawlessness.

Starhunter takes place against the backdrop of this new urban jungle. Human beings have abandoned Earth in droves. Wave after wave of immigrants fled as Her resources became overburdened and finally dried up.

The air became unbreathable and all arable land turned to dessert. Pollution and overpopulation, great floods and unspeakable plagues drove human beings into the relative safety and habitability of a new world in outer space.

In time though, the new world began looking much like the old. Nationalism grew and intolerance flourished along with it. New refugees from Earth were turned back. Different special interest groups sprang up and vied for the same finite resources. Fractiousness reigned and the potential for a cultural and political renaissance was shattered.

Out of this anarchy, a golden age of outlaws and renegades emerged. The Raiders, a nomadic sect of bloodthirsty warriors, rule supreme. They have learned to exploit the chaos that has befallen humanity and abuse the technology of the future to prey on the weak. Travis and his crew must often operate outside the bounds of convention in their hunt for these marauders and employ less than savory tactics to secure their capture.

With the vast distances between Earth and its colonies, basic policing systems have been bankrupted. It is now up to the bounty hunters, private forces known as ‘Starhunters’ to, by any means necessary and for a tidy sum, bring the renegades to justice.

In Season Two, Travis steps into his father’s shoes, assumes the mantle of prime bounty hunter and takes control of the Tulip, a vast, rusty and largely derelict former luxury liner now retrofitted for starhunter duty. His crew consists of his cousin Percy Montana (Tanya Allen), a bright and willful woman conflicted by her need to break away from the crew and a determination to find the uncle she lost, at any cost. Callista ‘Callie’ Larkadia (Dawn Stern) is a weapons expert with a history of uncompromising moral rectitude that has sometimes led her down the wrong road. Marcus Fagen (Paul Fox) is the ship’s technical guru with a penchant for exaggeration that sometimes drives the other crew members to distraction. The gruff and irascible Rudolpho deLuna (Stephen Marcus) rounds out the rest of the crew.

In each episode, the crew of the Tulip pursues a different villain, each more dangerous and cunning than the last. Both Travis and Percy are also on the constant lookout for clues about Dante. As the season progresses, the two are increasingly at odds over how to find their missing relative. The conflict between these two characters, the constant stress of being hunted and being on the hunt, and the inimitable personalities (and mysterious backgrounds) of the rest of the characters, drives the tension of the series.

The entire series was available on Youtube but there are a few clips and vids there now and I HIGHLY recommend you check this out if you love Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi romance and futuristic goodies. It's well worth it!


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting. I got into the series a few years ago when season 2 was on Netflix. Watched season 1 after. Appreciate them both. Cannot wait for new episodes.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting. I got into the series a few years ago when season 2 was on Netflix. Watched season 1 after. Appreciate them both. Cannot wait for new episodes.

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Let the Ramp-Up begin...

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