Library Cuts and linkspam salad

Things have been so crazy here that I've been relagated to checking Nathan Bransford's This Week in Publishing posts for news summaries! Not that it's a bad thing at all. ;-)

Dear Author pointed to an article that was pretty heavy. Daily Kos reports that "PA Senate passes 50% cut in library funding". This is horrible because I know a lot of my reader friends use this as a source of their book reading. Not to mention the publishers who sell directly to libraries.

Self publishing is taking off and making the rounds. A few months ago, the NY Times did a piece on the rise of it and now it's Washington Times' turn with the current article Self-Publishing Finds Commercial Niche in Digital Age. The whole article is nothing really new but good stuff nonetheless.

BooksonBoard, one of my fave online retailers, is offering Hot $1 eReader Romances now until June 30th. A small selection but if you're feeling adventurous to try out some new titles now is the time!

Someone posted an article from the Guardian book blog on Why it's Hard to Conjure the Spirit of Orwell in today's times. Even if you're aren't a SF fan (shame on you ;-)) it's good reading for authors and book admirers.

Dear Author also posted a Billboard link with former RIAA head Hilary Rosen who gives a music insider's look at the growing mirror image of current publishing to music studios and Napter. The excerpt on DA is good stuff but like Jane says in the post the whole article is worth a look!