When Twitter strikes!

When Twitter strikes! Laziness definitely sets in at the form of 140 characters per posting. Alas poor Blogger got no love and now it's time to start bringing the affection back hold school.

So here I am!

My current newsletter went out and I wanted to give another big ole thanks to all those who voted my short novella 'One Evening in London' as the Best Romance Novella of the year for the SORMAG Reader's Choice Awards. You guys rock! And I'm so glad you enjoy the book! It's gone through a lot of changes and the current form is something which makes me pretty proud.

Project and Appearance news

I'm currently at work juggling a few projects at the moment. Book 2 of the Ashen Twilight series 'Within the Shadows of Mortals' is still being written at the moment. I also have some in-between stories to post. I have some freebies currently at Scribd including my short illustrated novella The Eye of Alloria.

Tomorrow I'll be guest blogging over at The Romance Studio. This one's for the romance readers and fans out there and I'll be asking what you would like to see more of in future romance books and where you'd like the genre to go.

Next Tuesday I'll be at Coffee Time Romance chatting about interracial romance reads so if you're looking to chat and ask me any questions, feel free to drop on by!

Soon I'll be getting back to my speculative roots as I have a few sci-fi works in the can. One will be apart of an anthology and for readers of Cimmerian City, I may have some interest in the second book being made available soon. I'll keep you posted on that as soon as I can.

More snippets on the upcoming Paranormal Guide for aspiring writers. We're scheduled for a Fall release and I'm currently editing my chapter on World-building for paranormal worlds.

Continuing with more info for aspiring writers, my novel writing class is nearing a close. We have about 3 more sessions to go before the end but due to popular demand (wowie!) I've been asked back to do another round. If you missed the first run if Plotters, Pantsers and Proofers, stay tuned for the sequel to come soon. My written material for the class is growing so I'll probably post some short overviews of each lesson.

Goodies time!

If you haven't joined my newsletter, feel free to do so. You can sign up via the form on the front of my website. I offer up-to-date news, book links to freebie reads on the web, upcoming author spotlights and, since I'm in the process of cleaning out my shelves, free books that need new homes.

Urban fantasy fans! If you've been itching to try out Jennifer Rardin's Jaz Park series but are low on funds, this month's offering at One Dollar Orbit is for you! Once Bitten Twice Shy is available now for just a buck. Various formats are available in the usual Kindle, Sony and Stanza. But if you're like me and look for other formats, check out the link at Fictionwise.

The Suvudu library at Random House has been updated! There's a goodie for every reader including some fantasy fic, military futuristic thriller and for paranormal fans! If you've been waiting to check out Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series, Kiss of Midnight is now available in the library. Only Kindle, Sony and PDFs are available. Best of all, it's DRM Free!! WOo hoo! GO Sony! Next to Baen, Tor, and Harlequin, Random House is rocking the freebie DRM reads and we readers can't thank you guys enough.

Speculative Tor author Jeffrey A. Carver (who wrote the nuBattlestar Galactica Mini-Series novelization) has offered up his backlist for free downloadable reads on his website. I heard his novelization was good and also his novel Eternity's End sounds awesome with interstellar piracy, quantum defects in spacetime, galactic coverup conspiracies, and deep-cyber romance. Woo hoo! I'm there. Carver makes his books available in a variety of (yes, DRM-free!) formats along with his short fiction. If you're looking for a new SF author try, definitely stop by his site and spread the good word. Books will only be available for a short time so make haste! Here's a complete list of his ebooks.

If you're on Fictionwise and are looking for some free ebook reads, check out their Free Books section which includes classic and current releases alongside some reference book samples. EbookMall and Diesel have similar sections based on formats. For a list of various sites offering free reads, be sure to bookmark the Free ebooks entry over at the MobileRead Wiki.

Ashen Twilight news

Be sure you make some room on that TBR pile for my upcoming releases in the Ashen Twilight Series. Just in case you'd like to catch up now, the first entry A Kiss of Ashen Twilight is available now in ebook format. DRM-free and when you buy it once you get all formats no matter what device you play it on! Awesome huh? For those audio buffs who love to listen to their books, A Kiss of Ashen Twilight is in the works to become an audiobook and also a BIG possibility of coming to print from yours truly. These formats will most likely be brought to you by yours truly so I'm going to try to make them extra special for all you good readers out there.

Okie dokie. That should round out all the goodie news. If you want to catch snippets of news and updates about me, feel free to follow me on Twitter. I have a little widget that should update on the sidebar here if you stop by this blog anytime.

Til next time! Happy reading!


Miss Mahana said...

I've been slippin on keeping up with all the info you share on your site!

Thanks for passing this along.

Rae Lori said...

No problem, Noe! I've been a bit behind on posting updates and news but I'm going to try to be on top of things more (now that I'm back online woo hoo)! :-)