The Vampire Diaries clips and images & some cool blogs you should check out

For those looking for spiffy news about the CW adaptation of LJ Smith's Vampire Diaries, SciFiScoop has the first clip and images on their website. One clip is this one that's been making the rounds on Youtube:

SFS also has tons of spoilerific images and info for the upcoming live action adaptation of the Blood: The Last Vampire movie

Looks like UFO the popular 70s Gerry Anderson is on the chopping block for Yet Another Remake Movie (or YARM)

Overall SciFiScoop has a pretty good database of upcoming paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy movies especially the big juggernauts like Harry Potter, Terminator and such. If you want to keep up to date, definitely add these guys to your reads.

Another blog I follow is which is the sci-fi arm of the Gawker network. They have some interesting commentary, news and blurbs about upcoming movies. Without these guys I wouldn't have known about some gems like Alien Trespass, Moon and District 9 which are my "definitely to see list" of sci-fi films this year. They also feature some amazing space art, spoilers of upcoming SF films, book reviews and lists of SF reads you may have missed. I highly recommend these guys for your blog reads also.


Savannah Chase said...

the show looks great..I saw some promo images an I can't wait till it airs...It has a few Canadian actors on the show...The lead female is Canadian if I'm not mistaken....

Rae Lori said...

Yup! She definitely is. She was a new addition to the recent DeGrassi Next Gen cast until she moved to this show.

I'm looking forward to checking this one out myself. :-)