Storm Front (Dresden Files Book 1) audio book

I had heard about the Dresden Files in urban fantasy circles but never had a chance to check it out until the tv show came to Sci-Fi. I enjoyed it and was sad to see it go. After that I grabbed the first few and had been meaning to read it sometime in the near future. Recently I got a hold of the audio for this book and thought I'd pop it in. What a great story! James Marsters of Buffy fame does a great job narrating Harry's story which reads like a day in the life of a wizard detective. It feels like an old noir with a twist of a lighter HP Lovecraft with all the beasties running around alternate Chicago.

Harry himself is an interesting character. He's a straight up guy (as you notice from the way he checks out all the women) and at times he can be a little jerkish but in the end he's a good character because of all these complexities mixed in with his need to help the innocent and his friends alike. His passion leads him to solve the crime towards the end and go after the baddie (once he's revealed) especially for the harm he's caused his family and friends. I love the reflection near the end in the scene with the little girl.

"I got in the cab and told the cabby to drive me to the nearest pay phone. Then I closed my eyes and struggled to think. It was hard, through all the pain I felt. Maybe I'm stupid or something but i hate to see people like Monica, like little Jenny, hurting like that. There shouldn't be pain like that in the world, and every time I run into it, it makes me furious. Furious and sad. I didn't know if I wanted to scream or to cry. I wanted to pound [baddies name:]'s face in and hide under the covers, I wanted to give Jenny a hug and to tell her that everything would be all right. And I was still afraid, all tight and burning in my gut. [Baddies name:], of the shadows and demons, was going to kill me as soon as the storm rolled in."

Storm Front is filled with lots of action, intrigue, some great characters and even more fascinating creatures. I love the world Jim Butcher has built and now I can see why the readers of the series were a bit miffed after the casting on the tv show. It was a bit off and didn't really match. But as with every adaptation I'll consider them separate worlds. Nevertheless I'm definitely on board for riding along with Harry Dresden and learning some more about his world and the cases he'll be solving.

If you're a fan of noir detective fiction and like a side of paranormal with it, definitely give the Dresden Files a try!