Activity Partner by Nitanni Chionne

What a charming book! I really enjoyed this debut contemporary romance novel from author Nitanni Chionne. The story centers around Cassie James and Dr. Ethan Quinn, both single parents who have been struck by loss, hardship, difficult times in life and love. Once they meet during one of the game Cassie coaches at they soon decide to be each other's activity partner to parent activities at school functions. Soon friendship turns to more as their attraction grows.

I really liked this book because it chronicles the progression of strangers turning into friends and the slow burn of romance blossoming. Most romances today go straight for the attraction, leaving only a little bit of time to built it as sexual tension corners each page. In Activity Partner, the focus is on the characters as they take time to dip back into romance. And when they finally do give in, it's a great reward for the characters and the reader after all they had fought for in their lives.

There's a side of suspense in that Cassie, our heroine, is being stalked at the club she sings at and although the reader may or may not have an idea who the culprit is early on, their commupance is rewarding in the climax of the book.

One teensy gripe I have is the action moves a bit fast in some of the descriptions. Sometimes events are described in a short sentence and I would have loved to have seen it play out a little more to build a sense of time passing. But it was just in a few instances and didn't deter my overall enjoyment of the story.

Nevertheless, I'll be adding Activity Partner to my virtual shelf and hope that a paperback comes available. In the mean time I'm definitely adding Ms. Chionne as an author to watch so I can check out more of her writing.

If you're looking for an uplifting fun beach read, definitely add this to your favorite eReader, sit back and enjoy!