Updates and Weekend Events!

As you all may know I've been without a computer since my comp died last week. Let me tell you it's been insanity! Thankfully I upgraded phones and now I can keep in the know from my mobile. One of the things about not having the comp is you get to do a lot of reading both news and for pleasure.

While surfing, I noticed there is a lot happening in the industry today. Many divisions are closing down and folding into other larger ones. For instance, Heather over at The Galaxy Press reported the closing of the Shomi sci-fi romance line under Dorchester.

I also noticed there are many websites available for regular surfing and converted for mobile phones. Goodreads has a mobile site as well as Amazon (which just released the new App for Blackberry smartphones) and other news sites like NPR. Many of which have downloadable applications for easy access on phones. This is a fabulous time for authors looking to step out and carve a niche of readers on their own. Since many publishers are cutting back on so much in house promotions, saving it for their big names instead of their upcomers, the bulk of the marketing lies on reader's shoulders. Places like Smashwords and Scribd are making it easy to release free works and others for payment which can even be left in the reader's hands. This is good for low charge promotions for author's shorter works or reader chosen charges. All of which can help build an author's name.

Strange as it seems, the social networking site Twitter has become a wealth of news in the publishing industry. Almost everyone is on there from NY Times, Publishers Weekly, bookstores and publishers. It's great if you want to keep up with snippets of news that link offsite ot the full articles. First Issue Blog has A Directory of Book Trade People on Twitter. Be prepared to spend a day adding everyone!

As for free read alerts: Author Sara Reinke of the Brethren Series is offering a bunch of her backlist as free reads. Genres range from Historical romance to sci-fi and paranormal thrillers as well as historical fiction. She'll be offering a sci-fi thriller coming this summer which looks really good. Downloads in PDF are available on her blog.

Finally, if you're in Second Life this weekend, I'll be having a double event this weekend. First on Saturday, I'll be starting the first of my novel writing class Plotters, Pantsers and Proofers: Writing the Novel. It'll be aimed at writers who haven't written a novel but would like to start. More info is available at TLE (The Learning Experience) aimed at offering free virtual education. Contact my name in-world Rae Larkham for more info and a tp to the class. Class begins at 3 PM SLT (or Pacific Time).

On Sunday, I'll be doing a live reading at West of Ireland where I'll be reading a selection from A Kiss of Ashen Twilight. That will be held at the WOI Sim at 1:30pm – 2:30pm SLT (Pac).

So mark your calendars and hope to see you guys there!

In other news, print on demand and romance novels are leading the pack in overall book sales. Not really news as it has always been seen as a recession proof genre with Harlequin leading the pack in digital reads as well as romance sales, but the Today show did do a little blurb on it recently.


Heather Massey said...

Thanks for the linky--you're a doll! Good to know about Sara Reinke's offerings. She's on my TBR list.

Rae Lori said...

Anytime, Heather! :-D Keep up the great work on an awesome blog. I'm looking forward to Sara's goodies myself. They all have such cool premises. :-)