Back to the blogosphere!

Wow, it feels more like a year than a month, but I'm back. This month has been a bit rocky for me starting off with losing the power in my computer right on the first of the month. The joke was on me indeed. I got a new phone with net access and have been checking out things via there but still there are some things a phone can't go. Good to be back and starting on the path toward finishing up some of my projects.

Just to catch everyone up, I should be updating my site later this week. I'll be catching up with posts and emails and writings in the mean time so I may be a bit behind with things. Folks who have enjoyed reading A Kiss of Ashen Twilight and are looking for book 2 (thank you thank you all who have grabbed yourselves a copy and enjoyed the read!) the date has been moved back a bit to November 3rd, tentatively on the go ahead from my publisher. The original August date didn't give enough leeway for me to finish the MS and go through extensive edits which can take up to a few months or so. We want it to be as clean and spiffy of a read as possible! I'll definitely have some more news as we get closer.

And don't think I'll leave you hanging either. I have some goodies in store including some stories in between the releases so you won't be without entertainment. ;-) Stay tuned for the news!

Saturdays I'm still teaching in Second Life. My class is a beginning novel writer's class so if you're in-world looking for some pointers, please stop on by. I'll try to post some notes here and there as well just for any aspiring writers who may be checking out my blog.

Finally, there's a lot of news going on in the publishing world that I'm just now catching up on. Lots of innovative new things that I'd love to share my thoughts here so stay tuned for that and any free book goodie news I may come across.