The Vampire's Quest by Vivi Anna

Vivi Anna is an awesome storyteller with her Valorian Chronicles and they're still running on full steam ahead with her newest offering The Vampire's Quest.

This time Kellen Falcon, former lab technician and ballistics expert of the OCU (Otherworld Crime Unit) ventures to Europe for help in his degenerative blood disease called Sangcerritus. The last time we saw him he went a bit ballistic on newcomer and human Eve Grant (who became leader Cane's wife) and the reveal came a few books back. Now we're finally getting down to the nitty gritty of how the disease works on vampires, slowly causing the poor victims to go mad.

Kellen's doctor visit turns on a sour note when a blast in the hospital nearly takes him out. Kellen survives only to become the suspect number one in the Nouveau Monde Otherworld Unit and eventually catches the eye of criminologist Sophie St. Clair who is working the case.

I was really interested in seeing how Ms. Anna not only makes Kellen a hero but also how she deals with a man on death row so to speak. Not to mention the relationship between him and a lycan woman who's father has told her before that "no alpha daughter of mine should be prancing around with a bloodsucker." There was an ongoing story arc throughout the first three books that had concluded in the last book (Veiled Truth) and I also wondered what kinds of turns this story would take in the aftermath. Ms. Anna didn't disappoint on all accounts as she adds a mixture of thrilling suspense to go with the mystery and romance.

I loved how the two units mirrored a bit of real life in how looser Otherworld and human relations were in Europe.

If you love CSI type mysteries with a dash of romance you definitely want to pick up the Valorian Chronicles series by Vivi Anna. Each book stands alone but you'd do yourself a favor in catching up on each of the characters to see how they relate to one another throughout the books. Here's the series in order:

Blood Secrets (Caine Valorian and Eve Grant's story)
Dark Lies (Jace Jericho and Tala Channing's story)
Veiled Truth (Lyra Magice and Theron LeNoir's story)
Mahina's Storm (Mahina Garner's story; available as an ebook novella or in the Nocturne Bites anthology 'Midnight Cravings')