Sci-FI: We Shall Miss thee

This whole post is probably going to show my age, but that's okay because I'm feeling kinda "when I was your age" about now.

Recently SciFiwire announced the change of the SF channel to SyFy. I remember last year they were throwing around The Imagination channel and other things and the change seems a bit redundant if not...skirty. It's Sci-Fi! But no! We're different cause were *cue dramatic music* SyFy. Dave Howe, President of the channel (it's just easier to call it SF Channel now) responded to the announcement which garnered more than 1,000 comments that pretty much reflected what I was thinking. Howe was the dude who said "We had to broaden the channel to change the misconceptions of the genre... that it was for geeky young men."

Erm, maybe in your world, brother, but there's a ton of fangirls who'll say otherwise. Present company included.

So to change these perceptions of "It’s not just aliens, spaceships and the future... It’s about asking that simple question, 'What if?'" SyFy was finally put in place.

I couldn't help remembering circa early 90s when the Sci-Fi Channel first came around. I thought I was dreaming. A whole network devoted to Sci-Fi?! Old shows that I grew up watching and loving? It was awesome.

When it came around there was indeed the old shows I loved to watch. Buck Rogers, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, old monster movies from the 50s. I was just jazzed with all the goodies including the original shows like Bob's Basement where collector Bob Burns showed all the movie memorablia he collected over the years, Sci-Fi Buzz which kept us in the loop of current SF conventions, happenings and products to run out and buy, Trailer Park with new movies and even an auction for original movie goodies. And, of course, Harlan Ellison doing a rant on the insanity of the entertainment industry be it books and publishing or movies. It was the best. And coupled with the FX Channel of the time which featured the old Batman series with Adam West, Wonder Woman, The Green Hornet, I was just in a haven of SF&F.

The channel soon evolved with more shows and specials like themed weeks that featured marathons of shows that fit into a particular theme and full October months of monster specials where one week was Dracula movies, another was werewolf and so on. I remember every time there was a Friday the 13th, the series was broadcasted and I caught up on a lot of my favorites.

The Sci-Fi Channel also brought on a bunch of new broadcasted faves like The Chronicle, The Invisible Man, Lexx (coming in from Showtime as Tales from a Parallel Universe which became one of my favorite SF shows), First Wave, and tons of other shows I probably should have taped while they were being shown. Now, slowly these shows and their type started to disappear as Ghost Hunters, ECW and tenth rate straight-to-TV Saturday night horror movies took classic SF's spot.

I'll miss that big ticking clock, that little half Saturn moon with Sci-Fi Channel in the middle of the planet. I'll even miss Pluto BEING a planet.

But hey, at least there's always the memories. :-)