Read an E-Book Week Welcomes Multi-genre Author Rae Lori to Celebrate Digital Reading


Read an E-Book Week Welcomes Multi-genre Author Rae Lori to Celebrate Digital Reading


Read an E-Book Week (March 8-14th) welcomes writer Rae Lori, multi-genre and multi-published author, as a partner of the event for e-books. As an advocate of ebooks continuing the promotion of reading, Rae Lori will help promote the event and will offer up her out-of-print illustrated science fantasy novella The Eye of Alloria as a free digital read. With news of the Stanza reader for iPhone joining the event with a catalogue of free Epub format reads, the book will be available directly to Stanza users.

“I’m so thrilled to see the rise of e-books and reading with new technology,” author Rae Lori says. “The new technology with digital publishing going hand in hand with print on demand publishing will allow older works and out-of-print works to be made available to the public for years to come. I’m glad to see the publishing industry making use of this because it not only benefits readers but writers as well. Hopefully as the years go on we’ll see some more refining and offerings from the technology.”

In recent years, e-books have been on the rise reaching as far as 77% in a year’s time and 400% in the education division alone. Mainstream publishers such as Harlequin Enterprises have been quick to the change offering up free reads for yearly promotions as well as digital releases of their print books a month before the print release. Tor has followed this model during the summer of 2007 offering up backlists of their popular authors from Emma Bull, Cory Doctorow, John Scalzi and Elizabeth Bear to name a few.

Read an E-Book continues this tradition, partnering with authors, E-reader companies and publishers with an effort to embrace the digital technology. Current and classic reads will be available alongside bestsellers in the latest e-readers formats direct from the website.

For more information contact Rita Y. Toews, founder of Read an E-Book week.

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