March Spotlight on Author Debra Parmley!

This month we have a fabulous new author who is a jill of many trades as well as recently adding award winning scribe to her name. Hailing from Springfield, Ohio and currently in Memphis, Tennessee, Debra Parmley became the first student at Marywood University to win first place in two categories of the Delta Epsilon Sigma Beta Epsilon Chapter writing competition: in creative prose and in informal expository. Her poetry has also been published in literary journals.

Aside from writing Debra has also worked in banking, newspaper advertising, as city recycling co-coordinator, as an office manager, and she owned and ran her own travel agency.

Her latest release, her first novel out now from Samhain Publishing, is entitled Desperate Journey. This western historical romance, was a finalist in the Bobbi Smith Creative Writing Challenge. Shortly afte0r the honor, Debra also won the finalist slot in the American Title II contest sponsored Dorchester Publishing and Romantic Times Magazine.

Debra also runs the author spotlight blog Make Believe Mondays. If you're a reader looking to check out some new reads or you want to learn a little bit more about your favorite author, be sure to stop by the site!

A Writer's Dream is honored to have Debra stop by to chat with us about her new release and share some info about her writing with our readers.

Welcome Debra!

Q: When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

Well, I think it wasn’t so much I decided, but that at a certain point I simply realized this is who I am. I’ve been creating stories in my head ever since I was in elementary school and I can recall being at my grandmother’s house when I was very young making up silly singsong rhymes. I’ve written poetry, short stories and novels and I would be a writer whether I was pursuing this career or not. The decision I made was to become a romance novelist specifically and to pursue that as the primary goal.

Q: What motivated you to start writing in this genre?

I actually had written a short story, which was for a horror anthology, and after it was published my editor told me it was more of a blend of horror and romance. Then I started to write a western and found out as I was writing it, that it really wanted to be a romance. So I let the story be what it wanted to be. And because of those two stories and the fact that I love a happily ever after ending, I knew writing romance was the right path for me.

Q: How many books have you written so far?

A Desperate Journey is my first novel to be published by Samhain Publishing. The Ebook is available now and the print release is March 31, 2009.

Q: Which aspects of the work that you put into the book did you find most difficult?

It is incredibly difficult to write a book, which is set in a place you have never been. A Desperate Journey is set along the Old Chisholm Trail in 1867, the year it first opened up. I had to study maps for the geography as the trail ran from Kansas to Texas and crossed many rivers and I also had to figure out which towns were in existence then. It took time and effort that a book set in one town wouldn’t have required. But I learned so many things. For instance Red River station that was thriving in 1867 and I placed in the book is completely gone today. There is only a rock which shows where it once was.

Q: What sets the book apart from the other things you have written?

It is the first novel I ever wrote and I used to call it my training wheel novel. Everything I learned about writing a novel, I learned with that first book. It also begins with a married woman who was married to an abusive man who turns out to be a bigamist. And there are two children in the story. All these things I was told were no-no’s at one time or another as I was trying to find a publisher. But when I wrote it I knew nothing about no-nos so I just wrote what the characters and the story nudged me to write.

Thanks bunches for sharing your work, writing and new release with us, Debra!

Rae, thank you so much for inviting me. I’ve enjoyed this!

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