What Does a Vampire, a Werewolf, a Ghost and a Bristol House have in common?

All share one living space Sunday nights on the BBC Three channel and have become my newest favorite show next to NCIS. At first when you hear the premise of Being Human, it sounds like one setup for a long joke. Or maybe a new sitcom along the lines of the previous defunct Caveman tv show. But knowing how Brit Sitcoms are from getting hooked on Mile High and Burn It, Being Human was sure to have a mix of drama, comedy and some touches of real life. That's what makes Brit shows awesome.

Being Human had a quick cast change from the pilot to the first episode. The resident sexy, dark vampire Mitchell was first played by Guy Flanagan now Aidan Turner. And love struck, sweet-natured Annie was played by Andrea Riseborough and now Lenora Crichlow. Personally I love the changes. I remember Lenora from the Gridlock episode of the new Doctor Who series and was hoping to see her get more work. Being Human may be the break she's been waiting for.

I was hooked right off the bat with this show. Even though each being is apart of the well known and well used staples of the paranormal genre, this show proves that it's who the characters are that make the show rather than what.

Mitchell wants to separate himself from the bloodlust of the kill so he 'goes on the wagon' and tries to stop feeding from human blood while living a normal life. He still enjoys being a vampire and still there's a 'youngling' he changed years ago who comes around begging for his help, tempting him in a way, back to what he was. Again the tropes have been used before, but this is strictly Mitchell's story as he deals with this along with his friend's problems. I love that he's there for them whether it's comforting Annie after she's had a big life changing revelation or George who tries to deal with having a love life while situating through that nasty habit of changing into a big wolf now and then. And speaking of George...

That brings us to the resident werewolf. George is actually the first story we dive into during the second episode. Just an unassuming guy until he is attacked by a werewolf, he soon finds out who turned him and what happens once every month on the dot. Somewhat socially inept, George is a nice guy and a little shy which is a fabulous dichotomy alongside his wild beastly streak. You would never think this guy would turn hairy once a month! And I think that's a genius move on the writers.

George's awkward nature fits in with Annie's the resident ghost, a heartbroken spirit stuck in the mortal realm. Actress Lenora describes her as very feminine and sensitive which I think is awesome. I agree with her that these traits are sometimes seen as "weak" or somewhat of an embarrassment for women to be today but Annie is very likable and doesn't come off as anything less. She's lost the love of her life and her home and is in a sense and expat not sure where she is or where she's going. There was a big revelation this last episode that dealt with what happened between her and her fiance and it was a pretty big surprise. Not to mention a daring one at that. With this revelation and knowledge, I'm eager to see how Annie handles her future as she tries to figure what she's still hanging around for until death finally takes her.

I love shows and books that are from the 'other's' POV rather than have the other be supportive character around a human central character. The outsider looking in on the mainstream or 'majority' is one that fascinates me perhaps because I can kind of identify with it and seeing it through an immortal or creature's eyes would probably help define what it is to 'be human'.

Next week's episode looks awesome as humans discover their existence and are met with hostile welcomes. This especially interests me because my second book 'Within the Shadows of Mortals' deals with exactly that and I'd love to see how it's portrayed here.

I'll definitely keep watching this show. It's full of wonderful character development, a great storyline and some interesting world building based on the veteran creatures that all three come across. The first few episodes seemed to take it's time showing a little bit about each member of the house and it looks like it may be developing into something more. Unlike US television here, British shows usually finish out their storylines even if the show is canceled (see Burn It and Mile High once again) so I, for one, will be happy to ride it all the way throughout the season and beyond.

Official Being Human Website @ BBC - http://www.bbc.co.uk/beinghuman

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Chicki Brown said...

Rae - Google sent me an alert that my name was mentioned on your site. Thank you so much for including me in your Author Blogs list.

Are you a J.R. Ward fan? She's my favorite!

Rae Lori said...

My pleasure, Chicki! Your site was wonderful and I'd definitely like to keep reading. Please keep us all posted on your stories as well. I'd love to read them!

I haven't tried JR Ward's series yet, but she's on my list of TBRs! :-)

SciFiGuy said...

I love this series. In my opinion the first TV series to accurately portray modern urban fantasy sensibilities rather then treat the material as horror.

Rae Lori said...

I couldn't agree more, SFGuy. I think that's one of the show's charms and probably why it stands out from the pack of other paranormal shows. It feels really believable and looking at the new episode, they're taking it to a new level never seen before in a paranormal show. Good stuff!