Worth Her Wait by Layne Blacque

I dove into this book after I read Bad Bettie by Layne Blacque a few weeks ago. I loved her voice and the way she captured the time. She presented her characters as if they lived and breathed off the page and I couldn't wait to get my hands on more of her work.

Worth Her Wait did not disappoint. I actually like this better than Bad Bettie and if it were released this year, this would definitely go on my Best of (or favorites, if you will) list of 2009.

Worth Her Wait isn't merely a romance. It's a drama with some heavy issues within it's pages. The heroine of the story is Belinda Ashbury, a woman who has recently lost in her husband, Jackon, due to mysterious circumstances. Matthew Ashbury, Jackson's younger brother, returns to their home of to investigate his brother's death. Sparks are reignited once again. Simple enough story, no?

Ah but that's not all. Belinda and Matthew used to be involved until she married Jackson at a young age and ended up bearing two of his kids, twin girls named Lisa and Melody. It turns out Jackson is exactly the kind of man he always presented to the outside world (yes, you read that right lol). Secrets come out that Belinda has been hiding since she married Jackson and truths are even revealed to her in the wake of her husbands death. All the while Matthew and Belinda try to fight the attraction that burns even after the amount of years they've been apart.

This was a fabulous story and would make a fabulous movie in itself. The characters are sympathetic and the plot is seamless as it unfolds through the actions of the characters. I found myself really attached to most of the characters (and repulsed by others). Ms. Blacque has a wonderful way with characterization. It's a short read in number only. I stretched it out a bit since I couldn't only read a few each evening but the content makes up the heart and soul of the story. I'm definitely adding this to my keeper shelf and will keep an eye out for any other books Ms. Blacque releases.

Worth Her Wait is available now at The Wild Rose Press.


Melissa said...

Oooh, another good book! I have to stop reading your blog because my TBR pile continues to grow everytime you have a new post. I/R couples are definitely a favorite of mine and I love authors who have in depth characterizations. This one sounds like a winner!