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Apologies for not posting. Deadlines are approaching and it’s been broom to the room rewrites and writing for the past few days. I did manage to get a few good reads in which always makes Rae a very happy gal.

These short reads are awesome especially if you're low on time like me and want to read a full beginning to end satisfying story. I highly recommend these which have gone on my keeper shelves.

Arjun by Fionn Jameson

I became hooked on Fionn by way of her Blood Martyr series which went on my Best of 2008 reads. Miss Jameson doesn't disappoint with her Freya's Bower free read offering Arjun. Even though I read the blurb I had no idea what exactly this story was about and that made it all the more interesting when the reveal came about what and who Arjun is.

This is a fabulous short romantic and sexy read that I highly recommend for all you paranormal fans out there. Once you finish this one you may want to pick up all 5 chapters of Blood Martyr because Ms. Jameson's voice is highly addicting.

Arjun is available at Freya's Bower as a free read here!

Bad Bettie by Layne Blacque

In the land of historicals, there aren't many interracial offerings between Bw/Wm pairings nor are there very many set in the late jazz era of the 40s. I have been a huge fan of this era since I was a teen. The clothes, the music, the cars, the overall ambience of the 40s made me a big fan of the era and with it grew my love for noir.

Imagine my happy surprise when I came across this book by a new author. I was like a kid at the fair! And Bad Bettie did not disappoint. An old style romance between a jazz singer and a detective, Bad Bettie provides a short and satisfying read in case you're looking for something quick on the go. Even at its length Bad Bettie allows the reader to get to know the characters and especially allows the characters to fall for each other before hopping into bed (one reason why I scaled back on a lot of romances today because the opposite seems to happen a lot). What I also really loved about this book was the way it was written. Ms. Blacque has a wonderful voice and a knack for great characters with different personalities. The book grabbed the feeling of the time especially in the way the characters talked and acted which was spot on. It was like watching an awesome old movie of the time.

I'll definitely be checking out the next in the Sugartown Blues series and have checked out Ms. Blacque's site. I see she has another offering from TWRP that I'll likely be checking out as well!

Bad Bettie is available now from The Wild Rose Press here.

Hibiscus Bay by Debby Allen

My last read was Hibiscus Bay by the awesome editor of the Romance eBooks Newsletter, Debby Allen.

This was a gorgeous contemporary read with a heroine and hero a reader can follow for days. The hero was especially gorgeous with a sexy accent and an interesting Egyptian background. The story kind of reminded me of a Harlequin Presents in shorter version which I think is it's strength. It's a nice light read that is easy to fall into if you're looking for a great love story with some fabulous characters. I loved the setting where the hero loved to get lost in and the way the characters found solace within each other despite the hurt they received in the past.

The beautiful cover, might I add, is spot on for presenting the scenery that is described for the book. A reader may have a hard time identifying with the heroine at first who has a sort of shifty background not usual in romance stories, but still her reluctance to trust again is sympathetic as is the hero's.

If this was a series, I'd definitely be interested in checking out the next in line!

Hibiscus Bay is available now from The Wild Rose Press here.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the heads up on these reads! I will definitely be checking out 2 of them!

Rae Lori said...

Oh! I think I have an idea of which ones. Hehe enjoy! :-D