Smart Women Read eBooks

How cool is this? I saw this post over at Harlequin's Paranormal Blog and thought I'd pass it on.

If you read ebooks, please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey:

Smart Women Read eBooks survey

The results will be used for the “Smart Women Read eBooks” panel being presented at the Tools of Change Conference in New York, February 9 through 11, 2009. The presenters (including Kassia from Booksquare, Sarah from SBTB, and Harlequin’s Malle Vallik) would like to get a sense of how women read ebooks, what you like/dislike about digital text, and what you want from ebook publishers.

Love it! I really wish I can go to the Tools of Change Conference because the groups and topics are definitely focused on changing the publishing industry for the better. There are a lot of innovators there and I hope there will be lots of reports on what's covered across the panels during those few days.

For those who love reading ebooks, dash on over and take the survey now to have your voice heard about ebooks.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I can't wait to hear back on it too. April is supposed to be there.

Rae Lori said...

Oh, that's right! I saw her name on the list. Awesome! Should be pretty good stuff. :-)

Suzanne Axtell said...

Thanks for the TOC mention!

FYI, we'll be posting video of the sessions on and YouTube after the event (unless the speaker asks us not to). We'll add the links on the conference home page as soon as footage is available. Not the same as being there, but hopefully next best thing!

Rae Lori said...

My pleasure Suzanne!

Wonderful! I'll keep an eye out for the videos and any other goodies you guys release. Definitely the next best thing, indeed. Hopefully I can make it to the conference next year!

Thanks for stopping by. :-)