Reader's Smorgasbord

Passing on the goods:

Orbit is offering $1 ebooks each month so if you're a speculative fiction fan you may wanna grab those. Linkie's here:

Also, starting January 29th Harlequin is celebrating their 60 years by giving away 16 free ebooks! You can sign up to receive notice right now at their site:

And lastly, if you're a historical romance fan, author Kate Rothwell is offering her novella The Rat Catcher as a free download:

It's like a reading smorgasbord and I love it. Hehe.

Enjoy everyone!


Melissa said...

Wonderful information! The Link Lady strikes again! I'm heading to Harlequin now. How are you doing? I've been busy but I'm doing okay. Miss you--talk to you soon!

Rae Lori said...

Lol I loves to spread the word of good (and free!) reads. :-D

I'm doing well! Hope you're hanging in there, Lis. :-) Miss you too!