On the road again...

Finally getting back in the groove of things. Woo hoo!

I just finished the sweet romance story for the anthology project we're working on. I guess one could call it a music inspired interracial loved story. It may be leaning more toward love stories considering the hint toward HEA at the end. Currently I'm working on a novella that grew twice it's size in the past week. Wow! It needed some fleshing out and I'm trying to add more characterization. The characters are turning out more complex than I imagined, especially my heroine. It's a fun ride though and I'll probably be working on it throughout the weekend.

I got back my edits from Samhain/Linden Bay and boy do I have my work cut out ahead of me! The editor thinks it a good story but it needs more fleshing out. I can definitely see where she's coming from as I think I only touched the surface of what the story could be. I'm preparing my mind to dive back into that next. Working on the Ashen Twilight series was a consuming experience and it takes a bit for me to unwrap my mind around that and dive into another world. I think I'm almost ready. Working on a non world-building type of work like a contemporary suspense helps tons, though.

I finally got news of shipment of the ARCs. They're scheduled to arrive next Wednesday which is a day after the ebook release. Acck. Although they're ARCs, now I guess they would be SERCs lol. Special Edition Review Copies since they contain something a little special that won't see the light of day into the public until August. I plan to ship those out before next weekend so I'll be dying all the way until they arrive on my doorstep.

For those waiting for the release of A Kiss of Ashen Twilight, you'll have another chance to win an SERC (that's going to take some getting used to!) on August 8th. Amberkatze will be interviewing me on her blog which will probably be my last stop until the next book is released. My editor and I have planned out the next book so that it will be well enough time for an early ARC to be given away before the release.

Finally, I'm almost done with the paranormal guide chapter. I did a little research to see what helps writers in organizing their world building and I think approaching it as if it were a character in itself may work best. After all, the world is sort of like an extra character with the amount attributes one uses to describe it. A character-like sheet should work for that. Then I can go back and flesh out the chapter a bit more.

In between that I'm going to try to get some more reading ton because my pile is giving me the evil eye.

For now, I'm turning in! :-)