The Next Paranormal Trend, NYT Gets Self-Publishing Fever

Harlequin asks the age old question, Are Werewolves the New Vampires? at their HQN Paranormal blog. The post cites a recent NY Mag mentioning upcoming werewolf films in the works and a few werewolf books pubbed by HQN that have found success among readers. Us vampire fans are a loyal bunch and we're pretty hardcore with our vamp books so I think it'll be around for a while even when new paranormal trends pop up. It would be interesting to see what pretty new shiny paranormal creature the industry latches itself onto next. Do you have an idea what the next paranormal trend will be? Hope on over and vote in their poll!

Pub Lunch reports that "apparently until further notice all NYT publishing pieces will be pitched as death-of-traditional-publishing stories." Wha huh?

"And there are a lot of nuanced questions about what happens to this business in tougher economic times and where the opportunities for continued growth and potential overlap with traditional publishing will come from, but that's not covered here. Instead we get such speculation as "during an economic downturn, books tailored to such narrow audiences may fare better than titles from traditional publishers that depend on a more general appeal.""

I'm not sure whether this focus is on non-fiction books or genre or what but it's rather telling that a big publication like New York Times would place it's focus on here and the "death of traditional publishing". I notice there's a lot of talk around the blogosphere and especially at industry mags about self-publishing and publishing death, more so than years ago.

Here's today's NYT article on the subject: Self-Publishers Flourish as Writer's Pay the Tab. The comments tend to be more interesting than the actual article at times and I'm finding that the case here with the various opinions on the subject. I'm giving mainstream publications a year or so until we finally see the term 'Indie Writers' rather than Self-Published writers. That'll be the day. :-)

Also, if you haven't heard Sara Nelson was fired from Publisher's Weekly. She's been the Editor-in-Chief for the past four years so this comes as a big surprise. I really enjoyed her interview on Book TV last year which was replayed a lot during the holiday season. She spoke about what was going on in the industry and at publishers and offered some great insight to where we'll be going. I sure hope the "downsizing" excuse wasn't used in place of getting rid of her because "she doth protest too much". From that interview it looks like they let go a very insightful and smart lady. Hope she finds success elsewhere.

I just tried to head on over to YouTube to check out her interview from last year and it's been removed by the user...tres interesting. My conspiracy theorist brainwaves are working overtime.


Moriah Jovan said...

My conspiracy theorist brainwaves are working overtime.

Oh, honey, yours isn't the only one.

I saw that interview (actually, 2 clips) and she made some pretty interesting remarks about self-pubbing being on the rise--and she wasn't anti. Can't say she was pro-self-pubbing, but she was definitely not discounting it as trailer trash fiction.

Rae Lori said...

Yes indeedy! One thing is interesting. Now that she's on her own, I wonder what steps she'll take next. Hopefully someplace where she can still talk freely about the industry and where it's heading. The pub world could always use more sites like Booksquare lol. :-D