The Future of E (Part 2)

There are some fabulous blog posts hopping around the internet fray today. Most of which site the future of publishing lying in the digital revolution. I can certainly believe this because much of the talk online is generated about the ebook and small press world. Naturally some NY pubs have got on the bandwagon but the high price of ebooks that match the hardcover and paperback editions of the book are doing more harm than good. Thankfully some companies recognize this and amend the price lower. Now if we can only get rid of that DRM. Most small presses have gotten rid of it and offer their works in a variety of formats (sometimes all formats) so you can read the book on whatever device you like.

I'll probably go into this more on my post for tomorrow at Publishing Rennaissance but for now, check out this great links on the state of the digital publishing industry.

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In similar epublishing news, digital erotica giant Ellora's Cave is suing Borders. Interesting and somewhat troubling news on the behind the scenes leading to this situation. DA reports the story.