For Writers - Bylines Writers' Desk Calendar

If you're as scatterbrained as I am and you're a writer, you may want to pick up the annual Bylines Writers' Desk Calendar Planner edited by Sylvia Forbes. I got mine in the mail today and I was jazzed to see all the dates on it and the little goodies especially for writers. Sylvia Forbes offers a great intro with some things I didn't know about (William Saroyan received 7,000 rejections before his first sale!) and some very inspiring words for writers. It's a tough biz out there and most of us spend time locked in our writer caves with only our thoughts and characters to interact it besides our families, so it's refreshing to hear inspiration from someone who is coming from the same place we are.

There's spaces for literary events around the year, conference pages, keeping track of writing deadlines, annual and monthly writing goals, submissions (Bylines itself is open to submissions as well) and some other inspirational words from authors who have submitted. I love this little writing book and it does indeed make a wonderful writing gift for the writers in your life.

The Bylines Writers' Desk Calendar is available in bookstores and online.


Lori said...

This calendar looks like something I badly need. Thanks for writing about it. I am also looking for a wall calendar with inspirational quotes (for writing) or something like that. That search is still going on.

Rae Lori said...

My pleasure, Lori!

I'll keep an eye out for that wall calendar myself for ya and post it here if I do find it. Sounds like it'll be a great addition for the writer's treasure trove. :-)