Breakthrough! Yay!

I've been fighting with the close to final section of 'Mortals' and had to stop for a bit because my brain was refusing to work. Usually when writers get that "block" I apply what my father always tells me, just walk away from it. Trying to push it won't help and you'll only give yourself a headache.

It's a good thing the edits for A Kiss of Ashen Twilight came back (yay!) and I went through it once again. It actually helped a lot because I got to see the timeline that would stretch into 'Mortals' and last night, I finally put hand to keyboard and continued the story toward the big battle. Yay! So now I'm back on track with that. 20 pages, 5,000 words. I was pretty proud of myself after not being able to write for a while. I'm going to try again tonight hopefully sometime before the same time I wrote last night (well, early morning technically since, once again, I saw the sun come up LOL).

Tonight is open mic in-world so I'll have to hold off work for a bit during that time.

During my writing hiatus, I picked up a few readers to keep my brain active. I had joined the HQN reader panel to be able to have my voice heard on their lines and I got my two free books in the mail to look over. Two Intrigues which I'm jazzed about cause if i don't read Intrigues, it's usually Nocturnes so I'm glad it's one of those. One of the authors I've read and enjoyed before so I'm pretty happy with it so far.

I also decided to pick up a ginormous tome: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Since I'm in the Scottish mode so much while writing my Ashen T series, I thought I'd take a look at it since my editor was reminded of a few things from there. Plus I had heard so many good things about the series I thought I'd check out the first book. So far I like it. It's very historical and takes its time with the story which is kind of nice. Reading that and a category should give me a nice reading balance since the latter is more quick and fast. After that I'll start on the second Intrigue and all the while I'll probably still be on Outlander lol.

It's weird reading paperback again. I have to read with the light on now and I can't scroll on my phone like I'm used to lol. Ah well, it's cool. I'm just glad they're not tiny little mass market paperbacks cause those are kind of annoying. I got Outlander in trade which is kind of like hardcover size without the feel. True the Intrigues are a little smaller but hopefully they won't be too long to get through.

In the meantime I may be out of commission here. I'm going to try to finish the last of this manuscript since the deadline is coming up real soon. I can see the end which is good but I don't want to be distracted by all my blog reading and stuff (which is addicting in itself). I'll probably update my Twitter feed and Facebook which is much quicker. Hopefully I won't be tempted to wander in the process!

Edits are gearing down for the first in the Ashen T series so everyone I promised an ARC to will be getting it as soon as that's finished and as soon as I can get it printed and sent out.

I got my postcards and bookmarks today which look FABULOUS! I'm going to send some to Lyrical so if any of my readers want some they can contact LPI for the goodies.

Hmm, I think that's it. The Literary Escapism contest is still going on and I must say I am overwhelmed by the awesome responses in the post! Thank you so much to everyone who posted. It's so awesome to see how everyone got their start in paranormals and it's inspiring me to do my best in writing my series because of how many wonderful works everyone's read and seen that came before me. Hopefully I can keep up the great paranormal mojo. I'd like to offer everyone who posted a bookmark and postcard as a thank you for coming out. I don't like to let people leave empty handed. I'll probably let Jackie know to include that in her winner's post once the contest ends on the 20th.

Okie dokie. That's about it.

See everyone in a few and take care of each other!


Melissa said...

I'm looking forward to a bookmark! Hopefully I can win a book! : )