ARC Updates

It's been a crazy weekend and not so good stuff happened. I won't go into specifics but my heart goes out to people out there who have been victims of home invasion and similar crimes. It's a scary event to have your home and your safety breached. It's like someone coming into your private, safety space.

To turn this around, I'm going to focus on some positive things going on. I'm working on the ARC for the winners and reviewers out there looking forward to the first in my series. I should have them in my hands next week so I can send them off. My editors and I have finally finished the final and spiffy product after going over it many many many many times. One of my fears is a reader being taken out of the story due to errors so we made sure it was a clean as possible for your reading pleasure!

So those are officially off to the printers and now I'm taking a much needed break just sitting back, relaxing and reading before I get back into the fold. I think my sanity will thank me later lol.

I'll be posting a new calendar with some places you can find me next month. Those will be on the sidebar. Keep an eye out because I'll be stopping by one more blog for another interview and some more names to add to my ARC receiver list.

Stay tuned!