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Why Publishing is Making You Crazy—and What You Can Do About It: The Tao of Publishing &
How Second Life Cured One Writer’s Allergy to Networking both fabulous articles for writers especially ones seeking to have their work published sometime in the future.

Both articles are filled with nuggets but just to give you a little taste, here's something from the first:

It’s enough to make you crazy—very, very crazy.

It’s crazy-making because Watts is saying that 50% of the factors affecting your career could be totally outside of your control—totally random—and, as we’ll see, the human brain is just not well suited to randomness.

Freud, I think, nailed it when he said, “Neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity.”

And frankly, if publishing isn’t making you a little neurotic, you’re just not paying attention.

So here we have what I’ll call “Human Rules of Order.” You know, a bit like Roberts Rules of Order, but on a human-wide scale. They go:

1) High scores and progress are a reward for hard work;

2) Good reviews lead to advancement;

3) Ranks tell us our “worth” and how we measure up.

It’s not the best system, but it’s not a terrible system. It’s one we understand. It helps us keep chaos at bay, to some extent.

Ah, but then…but then we sell our first book and enter the magical world of publishing. And…well, we quickly discover it’s a like plummeting down the rabbit hole a la Alice in ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Because those rules don’t apply in the publishing universe.

The world of publishing is one where your reviews can be unanimously glorious but your sales can stink. Or your reviews can stink, and your sales can be glorious. (Of course, both might be glorious. Or both might stink.)

Good stuff.

Links to full articles - The Tao of Publishing & Second Life Cures Author Allergy to Networking


Zoe Winters said...

Gee, Cheery stuff, thanks Rae.

I'm more from the "less random" side of the fence. I dont' really believe it's all that random, even in art.

There is a book on called "Predictably irrational" that goes into various reasons why human beings behave in certain ways.

It is true that you can't really control whether or not a book will take off, but if you have a good book and do the right things, I believe that you do better than you would have done by doing nothing.

If that's not true, then this isn't a business for ANYONE in it. Because I don't believe businesses are run on luck and randomness. Talk to any CEO of a fortune 500 company. Those guys are playing hard strategy. They aren't just throwing shit on the wall like it's all random and they acn't control anything.

This is why you try to track your marketing efforts as well as possible so you can see what's working and what isn't, and you keep tweaking til you find what works.

Rae Lori said...

Lol yeah I had to scale back on the dreary publishing stuff for a while and I think I did a one-two punch there the past two days. Sorry about that! More happier stuff to come. :-)

So true Zoe! One author said that this business is one parts luck (which I believe is more fortune), one parts determination and one parts putting out a good story. You can control one but you can darn sure focus on the other two and try your hardest at them which will raise your possibility for a better outcome.