Zoe Winters said...

She looks pissed off. I agree with what she's saying though. The industry has had so many opportunities to wake up and run a sane business, but they haven't. I will NEVER respect mainstream publishing as a viable business model until they all stop being pussies and put their foot down about this bookstore returns system. Holy crap, dude. Seriously.

That's not how you run a business.

Zoe Winters said...

Also, why haven't they run bigger promotions EVERY christmas to get people to buy books? WHy did they sit on their asses and twiddle their thumbs until black Wednesday.

I DO feel bad for everyone who has lost a job over this, but folks at the highest strata, like the CEO's and people how have had power to change how they run business, I don't have respect for that. Run a sound business or move out of the way.