Nathan Bransford's 2009 Industry questions to answer

I was going to add this on to the book post that precedes this one, but I think it deserves a post all by itself.

Agent Nathan Bransford posted a recent Year in Publishing post which gives a great overview of everything that happened here in '08. To say it was rocky would be a vast understate regarding the economy and the world of publishing and with the ominous words about '09 it's a wonder what will happen when it arrives.

Bransford then presents these questions which now are left to possibly be answered in the new year:

- Will the bestsellers of tomorrow be like THE SHACK -- self-published and driven by word of mouth?
- Will Borders survive? And in what form?
- Will publishers regret tying their fates to so few titles?
- Will e-readers become commonplace?
- Will the Internet change reading habits?
Fascinating because most of the questions focus on self-pub, e-pub and smaller press works which Sara Nelson over at Publishers Weekly said may happen as well in the reformatting of how books are acquired, packaged and released. The internet has indeed opened up a wonderful world to readers of all walks of life and it's interesting seeing how the giants of e-readers, the Kindle and the Sony eReader, are making their ways into homes changing the face of reading not only books but blogs and magazines as well.

I'm going to tuck these questions in the back of my mind along with my upcoming goal list for the new year. It'd be interesting to check back in on these questions to see them answered as I check off my '09 to do list. Adding this to the side bar for future reference.