In a case of...I want what they're drinking my new addiction reports a new tv show on the horizon.

"The next Fox dramedy series follows a foursome of New York women who are buddies by day and werewolves by night — which isn't that far from the last season of Sex In The City."

Take a wild guess at the tv show name and read the full article at
LOL! I almost fell out of my chair. I'm a SATC watcher and I'm a werewolf fan. But together?? I just can't see it unless they're trying to get the camp factor through the roof.

The blog continues to list the new werewolf projects in the works and notices that werewolves are the new vampires. Which is kinda what Marta has been saying at Vampire Wire for about a year or so now.

I kid about it, I think it's rather ridiculous, but you know I'll secretly tune in just to see how they do it. Lol. But don't tell anyone. ;-)