If you build it...they will come...

Heather over at The Galaxy Express is doing a two part series on the potentials for Sci-Fi Romance novelists in the epub world. The first part of the series urges authors to take a look at the smaller presses, like Samhain, while the second part presents an interview with Executive Editor Angela James as well as her thoughts on the genre (and apparently her love for the awesome show Firefly hehe).

Great post all around about the values and advantages of working with a small press and getting your work out there. One thing that struck me was the amount of SFR fans out there waiting for more good material to come out. Back in 2007 I thought this would be the big craze of '08 but instead it was more fantasy based paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Quel surprise indeedy!

On the other specturm it looks like SFR is wide open and it's fans are more than ready for more reads. I think after my two paranormal series contracts are honored, I may dig out that futuristic I've been sitting on trying to figure out what to do with and give it another whirl.

If there are any SFR authors out there, Heather urges you not to strike off smaller presses on your list of subs. It may be another way to reach your audience and it appears your audience is eagerly waiting.


Zoe Winters said...

I think SFR books will do REALLY well as ebooks.

Your demographic for that is a LOT of web geek girls, many of which are so at home with technology that they aren't as likely to be highly resistant toward ebooks.

Rae Lori said...

Hehe quite possibly. I do notice one interesting thing. It was expected for the SFF community to sweep up the ebook revolution first before any others. But it looks like the romance community is leading the way in ebook sales and SFF is a little slower to climb on board (say, judging from Tor et al, but I think it may be different for smaller presses).

Either way, I'd definitely be on board. Being a web geek gal myself!

Zoe Winters said...

I think there is a reason for that. CLINCH COVERS. Over and over again many readers say they are embarrassed to read romance novels in public or take them to the counter to buy, because of the covers.

Ebooks give them an outlet to experience a book completely privately, and if they happen to be reading in public, no one sees the cover.

Erotica is likely big in ebook for the same reason.

Methinks some publishers need to take a psychology course.

Another reason romance books may be popular in ebook, being the bestselling genre, out there, it's not hard to see there is a larger demographic to target ebooks to.

Plus romance readers have a reputation for reading voraciously. Tons and tons of books a month.