Book snippets & Recommendations

Hey readers!

This is going to be a quick post update. I probably won't be updating as much since I'll be retiring to the writer cave to meet some early 2009 deadlines but I'll try to post goodies here and there.

First off some book snippets:

Marta over at Vampire Wire recently posted a list for great vampire gifts for the bloodsucker fans on your gift list. There are few things there I'd love to have (including the recently placed on the market Dracula's Castle which is going for a whopping cool $135 mil). I'd like to add a book I recently picked up which you may have seen on my sidebar there.

The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories

I blogged about this sometime ago but it's worth mentioning as a great gift. It features a wonderful mix of classic vampire stories and some modern ones including the very first recorded vampire story The Vampyre by John Polidori. Most likely every vampire aficionado knows the story about Polidori, Lord Byron, Mary Shelley sat after being stuck indoors because of bad weather and decided to write ghost stories to pass the time. Lord Byron wrote Fragment of a Novel, Polidori wrote The Vampyre and Shelley wrote, you guessed it, Frankenstein. I'd love to see a movie made of this meeting continuing on into a montage of each story as it plays out on the screen while they write it. That'd be awesome. It'll probably have to be a min-series based on the length!

Anyway, this compilation includes that story and also some great contributions from genre greats, Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, Robert Bloch, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and even Tanith Lee. What's also pretty cool about this book is what's in the Appendices. I features a list of vampire novels you may or may not have heard of. II features a list of vampire movies. Now, keep in mind this book was released in 1987 so the books and movies listed are around that time. That could be a good thing if you're looking for a different depiction of vampire novels rather than the paranormal romance and urban fantasy of today. The stories are as wide and varied as vampire lore makes it so you're bound to find something good in here.

I'd love to see this edition re-released and possibly added on with some possible new stories and goodies added to the movies and book list. I noticed some titles I hadn't come across before and made a list. It was like a treasure trove of goodies for the vampire enthusiast. Definitely pick this one up!

I got hooked on this story the moment I read the excerpt and blurb available on the Drollerie Press website. The company caught my eye with their gorgeous design, great array of stories featuring fairy tales and fantasy and I even got a chance to chat with the authors and publisher in a recent gathering. The talk went from vampires to Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal and it was just a blast.

I decided to scoot Unseelie up on my list recently after buying it this month. This book by author Meredith Holmes is a gem. I love the worldbuilding of the fairies and the myths used to bring the world to life. I especially liked the switch of the Seelie and Unseelie courts and how they tied into the heroine's fate. There was an interesting twist early on as to how her half brother ties into everything that I was eager to see unravel.

It was a fun read with a handsome faerie prince I couldn't get enough, a strong yet soft hearted Cait Sidhe companion and some colorful characters in both courts. Ms. Holmes has a wonderful imagination for making the world of the fae come to life.

The only downside I felt was the main character herself which kind of brought the story down a few notches for me. I was eager to dive into the world and really get lost in it but the heroine's snide remarks and rebellious antics kind of put me off a bit. I felt a bit sorry for the prince and Cait Sidhe who had to teach her!

Besides that I really loved this world and the mythology behind it. Great battle scenes and beautiful visual descriptions of the world make this a world I wouldn't mind escaping to again!

I'm lining up a few new reads including some free ones over at Freya's (they're still free go get em!) and some that have been waiting to be read including some e-reads on my phone.

Recently I came upon a radio recording of the Twilight Zone Radio dramas and I couldn't have been more thrilled. I'm a HUGE Twilight Zone fan and I wait eagerly each year for the marathons on Sci-Fi channel around New Years. I checked the dates to make sure they'll be broadcasted and sure enough we'll have a marathon this year so it was a real treat to come upon the radio dramas just a few days ago. Based on the blog it looks like there will be more so I'm really jazzed to check that out. For now the website features some clips with some well known actors that have recorded the adaptations and also each episode is available for download. If you're a fan of radio drama or T-Zones in general, check out the website and the blog. I highly recommend it!